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PBs for NPCs


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Sort-of character development, sort-of ideas generating, sort-of discussion...

I know she's up as a  suggested PB for a wanted character, but this shot of Rachel Brosnahan from The Dovekeepers looks like she could be Rufus' mother - or an older sister I didn't put on his app because I didn't realise this pic existed... 😄



Who do you have in mind for potential NPC PBs for character relations? (And if those relations are still alive - unlike Rufus' mother - why not put up a wanted for them?)

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I imagine Longinus' first wife looked a little something like Sophie Colquhoun in Plebs. Very pretty but not much substance in her personality underneath it!



I'm still trying to find somebody I think matches Rhoda, the cook from Tertius' household... 😒

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These are my mental images for the Valerii-Flacci:


Publius (Grumpius Maximus) Valerius Flaccus, aka Kevin J. Wilson in 'Spartacus' (the TV series).


Valeria's mum Romilia Marcella, or Carrie-Anne Moss in 'Pompeii', and yes, she's much younger than her husband.


Gaius Valerius Flaccus, Valeria's literal brother from another mother and lovingly nicknamed Porcus. Kiefer Sutherland in 'Pompeii'.


And now for the kids, because no-one, absolutely no-one, not a single soul asked for them.


Mackenzie Foy starring as Sulpicia Flacca.


Gabriel Bateman or, in a previous life, Publius Sulpicius Rufus.


And last but not least, Elle Fanning as Sulpicia Valeriana, scourge of teenage Briton nannies across the Empire. Recessive traits ended up converging in her because genetics are fickle and she turned out to resemble Uncle Porcus the most, but hey, that happens in RL too.


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