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A friend or two.


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Appius was naturally a social person. Rather than preferring a quiet life, he enjoyed the company of others and the socialisation that came with it. Politics meant that he would need to make friends in order to ensure his family remained prominent -- allies, new and old were always vital. He walked through the Porticus Liviae and saw several of his peers present. His posture was upright with his chin lifted yet relaxed and at ease. A son of one of the most prominent families in Rome and the Paterfamilias, his wealth and connections kept many doors open for him. Men and women, each of them were present. He recognised someone as one of his social peers, lifted his hand in a slight wave and unfortunately Horatia was not with him. His wife preferred the quiet of her gardens to the social aspect of Rome. Appius was a flirt, he could not help it and did not stray from his wife. Most of the women knew what the flirtation dance was, and why it happened. 

Perhaps he should have brought his sister with him instead? 

There were a couple of younger women who walked towards him. From what he remembered, they were cousins of Horatia or so he thought. Without his secretary present, it was difficult to be able to tell who it was. 

"Salve ladies, are a surprisingly fine day? It is not?" He asked, glanced around to see if any of their relatives were around to hopefully gain some idea about who they were and where they should be placed. He waited to see how they would respond to him. They giggled towards themselves, answered politely and seemed to glance around. His clothing depicted him as being someone of wealth and note. 

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