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Rufus' sister


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Name: Bretta

Occupation: Staff of a well-known fast food joint run by Caius 

Age: 23 (born in 52AD)

Play-By: Rachel Brosnahan from The Dovekeepers

Personality: Up to you!

Nationality: British mother (slave name Phoebe). It's rumoured she and her younger brother Rufus (also a slave and a PC, played by Sharpie. His app is HERE) were fathered by their (original) master, Gaius Tullius Messala

History: her mother was brought from Brittania some time before Bretta was born, and wound up a slave in the house of Gaius Tulius Messala, who was retired from the military and lived on a farm in Paestum, in Campania. That's where Bretta was born and lived most of her life.

Four or five years ago, Bretta was sold, and wound up in Rome, where she is owned by Caius and works in the food stall with him, his 2 daughters and the other slaves. For more about them, see this post.

There is the possibility that Bretta will reunite with her brother, Rufus, if/when each of them learn that the other one is in Rome as well.

Extra: She may, if you choose, be the mother of a young baby. If she is, how this occurred and who the father is are entirely up to you!

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