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I hope that we will be 'friends' (meeting Spurius' household)


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74 AD

Following: A diamond in the rough

After Spurius had determined that he was going to keep her she had spent the rest of the day quietly observing the coming and goings of his place of business. From what she could tell so far he seemed like a very reasonable person- the slaves he had for sale seemed to be ‘well’ cared for. When it came to slaves one could never entirely know for sure as a person could have many different personalities- be defeated one minute or riled up/causing trouble the next but she had noted that many of the slaves he had seemed appeared to be accepting of their fate. Unable to say much to anyone in the room, she had mostly kept to herself until he said it was time to go. She slung the canvas bag over her shoulder and followed out after him.

Tacita followed a few steps behind him through the streets of Rome. Her gaze constantly wandered back and forth- she was trying to commit the route to memory although she figured it would be some time before she would be allowed to venture places alone. Most masters kept a very firm grip on new slaves and she also had the disadvantage on not being able to ask for directions if she got lost, although she knew there were vendors in the marketplace who were ‘familiar’ with her…she was a bit of an unusual girl.


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