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Sextus Julius Fidelis (son of Julia Valeria)


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original application: https://www.aeternaromarpg.com/topic/5232-sextus-julius-fidelis/?tab=comments#comment-5340

Son born to Julia Valeria while she was a slave. He was born June 49 CE/AD. When she discovered she was pregnant, her master said if it was a girl child she could do with it what she wished but if it was a boy he would take the child and raise him as his illegitimate child. Julia cared for her son until he was 2-3 years old then watched as he was taken permanently from her. She feel into a semi-depression and in a moment of insanity fled her master's home but was unable to take her son with her. That was the biggest regret of her life. She found her way into Lucilla's (Empress of Rome) household as Governess to her younger children and for Julia it was a  replacement for the son that had been taken from her.

Flash forward 15 years and her son was 'sold' to the senatorial family "Julii" but it was only a selling on paper. Julia had gotten help from the Imperial family to track down her son. Her son was purchased and immediately freed/restored to his maternal lineage. He has gone on to pledge loyalty to the Imperial Family/joined the military but details after he is freed aren't set in stone.

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