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Gaius Fabius Maximus


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Gaius Fabius Maximus.

Thirty | 22nd July 44 | Senatore | Senator | Heteroflexible | Original | James Purefoy





Gaius can be defined as shades of grey. His morality varies between what he thinks is right at any time. Essentially, he has a bit of a "rogue-like" nature when it comes to dealing with his peers. He is not above hurting others in order to rise to increase his station. There is a part of him that is lazy, and a sense of entitlement to the life that he has. He was born for these things. 

He has a sense of arrogance from being a descendant of one of the ancient families of Rome. He enjoys the luxury and has been known to give into excess. Much to the older member's of his family's chagrin. Whether it is lovers, wine, or fighting. He is happy to do it all. Whether it is the races, gladiatorial games or spending time in the company of courtesans or expensive prostitutes.  Still, he will spend time with the lower classes to share (show off) his wealth and to demonstrate his power over them. 

When it comes to love, he has a few close friends who he considers like his brothers and supports them. Friendship is a blessing from the Gods. His family he honours primarily for their connections and out of obligation to them. His relationship with his parents was positive, his father believed that he would do well in life and his mother praised him endlessly. His relationships with his siblings are fairly neutral. His relationship with his late wife was cordial and he expected her to behave as a dignified matron while he would go out to do as he pleased. His relationship with his children is a relatively positive one, he cares for his children and wants them to grow into proper children. As for his illegitimate children? He sees them as byproducts of the relationship and part of his fertility. He pays for them although does not have the same love for them as he has for his legitimate children. 

Gaius enjoyed his time in military service in the past, and is eager to have another military post in order to prove his virtus to the rest of Roman society. 



Tall for a Roman at 5'10ft in height. He has a toned build with olive skin that darkens when it is touched by sunlight. Mostly, he is clean shaven and has his dark brown hair cropped short, oiled and cared for. His eyes are hazel, and he could be described as being handsome. Gaius takes pride in his physical appearance. 



Father: Gaius Fabius Maximus Major (deceased)

Mother: Numicia Prisca (deceased)


  • Fabia Numicia (full sibling) (b. 50AD) 24 years old.
  • Lucius Fabius Maximus (half-sibling) (b.  58AD) 16 years old. 

Spouse: None.



  • Fabia Maxima (b.65 )9
  • Fabia Maximalla (b. 68)6
  • Titus Fabius Maximus (b. 70)4


  • Europa (b. 58AD, born to a household slave) 16
  • Sextus (b. 60AD, born to Vibia)  14
  • Spurius (b. 70AD, born to Vibia) 4

Extended family:

Fabii-Maximii -At least one older uncle. 

Gneaus Fabius Maximus - 50s - paternal uncle (Lucius Caecilius Metellus Sister's husband, alive.)
--- Fabia Maxima Minor
--- Tiberius Fabius Maximus
--- Quintus Fabius Maximus



Deceased spouse:  Tarpeia Anneia (Senator's daughter)   Died in childbirth. 
Name of Mistress: Vibia Attica
Name of stepmother: Julia Babila



Gaius was born in late July 44AD to two distinguished parents who had the right name, some connections, and unfortunately did not have the past glories that allowed them to live up to their name. Gaius' childhood was ordinary for a Roman youth his age. The key thing is; his father had high expectations for him and criticized him. While his mother would praise him, endlessly and he could do no wrong in her eyes. It did not take long before his little (and only) sister to be born to his mother. There was a rival for his parent's attention and focus. He grew out of the rivalry, and soon found himself doting on his little sister. Then later, his mother passes away and it did not take his father long to seek out another bride. A wealthy and noble woman who would be able to contribute to the family name. Soon a half-brother was born and Gaius indifferent towards him. It was also around the time that his first illegitimate child was born; Europa. Although he never claimed her and she continues to serve him in the household. His teenage years were quite uneventful. The birth of his eldest and legitimate child takes place in 58AD to one of the household slaves. Gaius does not acknowledge her as his own.

In 60AD, he served in Dacia as the tribunus laticlavius under the command of Honorius, the doomed Caesar and was part of the retinue that followed Octavius Flavius Alexander back to Rome. After the presumed death of Honorius, he was sent to serve in Africa and remained there throughout the course of the dictatorship. 

During the civil war, his family did their best to remain neutral for as long as possible and once it was clear that the Flavians would win. His father (and himself) declared their loyalty. Considering the other contenders were either insane, incompetent or both. He was stationed in Africa under the mixed command of Jullus Flavius Alexander and Gneaus Pompeius Magnus, and unfortunately missed a lot of the action. When Rome began stable under the Rome of Quintus Caesar, and served as the tribunus laticlavus under Caesar during the British campaign. First in Gaul and then in Britannia. 

Vibia Attica, a freedwoman becomes his long time Mistress and friend. Marriage to Tarpeia occurs in 64AD, and she was not pleased about living in the province. The marriage was cordial and did not have much in the way of love. He needed a noble wife to provide him with children and she needed someone wealthy who would keep her in finery. The first child she gave him was Fabia Maxima, his eldest and a daughter in 65AD. He was not entirely displeased although was considerably frustrated by the lack of a male heir. Adoption was possible yet he wished to prove his fertility and vigour by having a son of his own. The birth of a second daughter was met with irritation and a lack of gratitude. In 66CE, he returned to Rome with Caesar and served as a Treseviri Capitales, and was in charge of prisons and executions. Generally, he did his work enough to not be considered lazy but clearly desired to be elsewhere. 

Finally a son was born in Jan 74AD and another was born to his Mistress at the same time. 

He has now come back to Rome to begin his first year in the Senate. His age and lack of experience means that he is unlikely to find his footing for a long time. Gaius is known for being charming, a little crude, and hungry for glory and battle. Yet duty calls. 

Either that or a nice position to give him wealth. 



Brian |  | PM & Discord.

Asked those involved if things are okay. More than happy to change it if it is not correct. 


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