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To Quintus Caecina Tuscus


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(Sent after this thread takes place.)




Ave Quintus, Proconsul of Britannia and beloved husband,

This letter will contain many things. I hope you smile when you read it and know that I have thought of you often. Your children are all in good health and continuing their lessons. Little Quintus is growing like his father and enjoy the pony that you sent to him. Your daughters are doing well. I have begun to seek out potential husbands and matches for Caecina. Do you have any families you would wish to connect to? It is my hope that you will come home. I want our youngest daughters to recognise their father. As to your persistent hints for me to come to reside with you. I miss being by your side and holding you. That country has many memories for me, a majority of them are negative and sad. I hope you understand. Perhaps someday I will find the courage to return to that dreadful island. My health is also good, apart from missing my husband and wished that he would return to Rome. 

Speaking of that island. The Interprex you sent me! What strangeness! I am puzzled how she was able to maintain the illusion for sometime. I got the shock of my life when I saw the letter and had to read it several times in order to ensure that I was not seeing things. Gods Quintus! What would the children think? In any rate, she is mannerly and polite. As you have requested, she is now a part of the household and has become a tutor for little Quintus. Who thinks that this is all part of an adventure. She seems to be fitting in well thus far. Do you have any more peculiar types being sent to me? I jest, husband. Mostly. 

Signed with love,

Flavia Juliana



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