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We all know what it's like - you want to start a thread with a new character, or put up an open thread, only to find yourself staring at the cursor on the 'Create New Topic' page and find yourself needing yet another coffee... So, here's a place where you can post thread ideas while you have them, and browse for inspiration when you need it. Here's some to begin with...

  • Character A ends up in the wrong seat in the circus/theatre/arena
  • Character A witnesses a crime
  • Character A witnesses a 'crime'
  • Character A overhears something about Character B who they know very well
  • Character A overhears something about B who they don't know very well
  • Character A receives a letter, delivered to the wrong person
  • Character A sees a friend from years ago, from behind. It's Character B instead
  • Character A's clothes get mixed up with B's at the baths
  • Character A sees a friend, Name B. It's the wrong Name B...
  • Character A bets heavily on the Colour Team at the races. Team Color wins
  • Character A bets lightly on the Team Colour underdogs at the races. They win by miles.
  • Character A is invited to a friend's house. And knocks on the wrong door. (Streets weren't generally named in the Ancient World, this isn't as implausible as it might look!)
  • Character A drops something by accident in front of B
  • Character A rescues a (dog/cat/child) and asks B where said dog/cat/child lives
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