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Aulus' Familia


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Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus is married to Horatia Justina and has two children, a son (Titus Calpurnius Praetextatus, 15) and a daughter  (Calpurnia Horatia, 13). His family accompanied him to Raetia where he was the governor for three years. He could also do with some slaves. If you're interested in any of these and want to chat, catch me on Discord (#4424) or vis PM here! For Aulus' other requested family, please see the canon listing here.

Horatia Justina - taken by Sara

Age: Somewhere in her thirties

The daughter of a Senatorial family, Aulus and Horatia met while he was in Greece while serving as a military tribune under Quintus Flavius Alexander. The marriage has not been without its difficulties, several imposed from outside. Not least of these was Aulus' flight from Rome under cover of darkness during the purge of the Senate where several of Quintus' family and allies were killed. What happened to Horatia in that time is open to you, as is her personality.


Titus Calpurnius Praetextatus

Age: 15 (born October 61CE)

Possible PBs: Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Game of Thrones) (L)  or Eugene Simon (Ben Hur 2010) (R)

YheG99I.png Nj9byta.jpg

Born in 61CE, Titus was still only a baby when his father had to flee Rome under cover of darkness, in fear of his life during the purge at the outbreak of the civil war which ended only when Quintus Flavius Alexander took the purple. Brought up in his grandfather's home, his actual father was absent on various military campaigns until Titus was seven, apart from a brief period when he was about two. When his father was given the governorship of Raetia, Titus and his mother and new baby sister accompanied him. Because of this early absence of his father, Titus' relationship with Aulus may be a little distant, a little strained, although that has eased somewhat over the last three years. Titus is a bright inquisitive boy, born into a Senatorial line and with an aunt who is one of the six Vestal Virgins.

(Please note: Titus has been played before in one thread, and has been put back up as a wanted due to long-time inactivity. His previous app can be found here.)


Calpurnia Horatia

Age 13 (born July 63)

Possible PB: Kerry Condon (HBO's Rome) (L) or Angela Cremonte (Hispania: La Leyenda) (R)


The second child, and only daughter, Calpurnia was born after a difficult labour during her father's absence in Britannia. Somewhat quiet, she is a deeply creative person. She is on the verge of womanhood, with all that that means for a girl of her status and family name.

Calpurnia Praetextata - taken by Chevi

Aulus' younger sister was previously played, with Diana Kruger from Troy as the face claim, so her, or anyone who bears a resemblance to Aulus will work (This is a canon character, please claim accordingly)

Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextatus

Age: Early to mid sixties

Possible PB: John Bach (Spartacus: Blood and Sand)


Please note this requested character is also listed here; this request is simply to fill out some details regarding his relationship to Aulus.

Married to Aurelia Faustina, Tiberius is an ex-military man with a stoic outlook on life which he passed to his children. He's slowing down now due to his age. During the civil war, he sheltered Aulus' wife and baby son at his villa at Baiae (for how long is up to you/Horatia's player when someone takes Horatia). He's probably a fairly doting grandfather to his grandchildren Titus and Calpurnia Horatia now that he no longer has to be the strict father he was to his own children. He is still very much the paterfamilias of the family.

Aurelia Faustina

Age: Early to mid sixties

Suggested PB: Charlotte Rampling (Imperium: Augustus)


Aurelia is Aulus' mother. Somewhere in her sixties, she is every inch the Roman materfamilias and matriarch of the Calpurnius family.


Gaius Calpurnius Praetextatus

Age: Late forties/early fifties

Possible PB: Powers Boothe (from Attila the Hun)


A cousin of Aulus' on his (Aulus') father's side, Gaius is a capable military and political leader with a stoic outlook on life. What happened to him during the civil war, and his career since, is up to you, as is his marital situation. He may be the father of Appius and Postumus (below) or they may be nephews/cousins


Appius and Postumus Calpurnius Praetextatus

Ages: late twenties/early thirties (Appius), early to mid twenties (Postumus)

Possible PBs: Tom Felton in Risen (Appius), Rupert Friend in The Last Legion (Postumus)

xLu1bMb.jpg  bNJQKn6.png

Either sons of Gaius or sons of another cousin of Aulus' (or just much younger first cousins of Aulus), these brothers are beginning their cursus honorum. Where they are serving/what their plans are is up to you, but they are of senatorial rank and likely ambitious with it, having an ex-consul for an uncle and a cousin who is shortly to end her thirty years' service as a Vestal Virgin. Personalities and everything else is up to you!

Slaves and others

Xanthos: This is Aulus' Greek secretary, who has been with him at least during his time as governor of Raetia. As confidential secretary, Xanthos has access to Aulus' private correspondence and therefore has a high level of trust placed in him by his master, and is in a correspondingly high place within the household slaves. I don't have a suggested PB, but anyone who can pass as Greek will work, and he should be in his thirties or older, or look it.

There are also plenty of other slaves in this senatorial household, so if you have any ideas, please ask!


If you have any queries about any of these and want to talk further, PM me here or DM me on Discord (#4424)

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