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Annia Comna

Annia Comna

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Annia Comna.

30| 2nd March 34ec | Equite| Wife, Mother, Socialite| Bisexual| Canon | Lucy Lawless





A cunning and brilliant woman she was built for one thing, domination. She's clever, very observant, and can stand her own against most people in a battle of tactic and wits. She's driven and can even be ruthless and brutal when necessary, always keeping one step ahead of her enemies and holding a dagger behind the backs of her friends. No price is too great to her in the game of advancement and climbing the social ladder. As soon as Annia reaches a new rung on the social order she dreams of reaching the next and so on and so forth. Her ability to read people and manipulate those around her has also become a handy skill she lends to her husband with vigor. Though she can shield her darker nature with a charm and grace that makes her lovable and appear like a kind honest woman make no mistake, she's a serpent in the grass. She plays dutiful wife but her husband knows better, she is a valued partner in his business not not shy about getting her hands a little dirty.

When it comes to her family her family is her all. She's a very hands on mother, spending a lot of time pruning her daughter for the future and trying to make her understand the importance of being a strong woman but never letting others peg you as strong so you hold the upper hand over them. Canica is her pride and joy but regardless how much she loves her daughter the reality is son's are a greater worth to a man than a thousand little girls. Despite having been matched up by their parents Annia loves her husband, she had no other choice like most woman but to marry him to maintain status and build friendship between houses. Rather than sulk in her family's choice Annia embraced it and has been a dutiful loving wife to him. She wants nothing more than to help him raise their status and in turn raise the worth of their family. She would kill for him and if others ever asked she would never wish to trade him for any other man in all of Rome. It is perhaps this love and dedication to him that has driven her so hard to give him the one thing he's always wanted, a son. She would sacrifice her world for him and in her quest for a son to please him has gone to great extremes. 

That is however saying some of these extremes may not please her husband entirely if he knew but the problem with Annia is nobody says no to her and no one truly controls her. Sex and passion, as stated she would never love another man like she loves her husband but in her quest to give him his heir she gained a undesired habit. She isn't shy about taking on lovers so long as they are only slaves, gladiators at most. Her rather high sexual drive and hopes to increase her chances to conceive have put her into the bed of her husbands gladiators. Though she would never admit it's a little self serving to her as well she's convinced herself it's only for him, only to make him happy, only to give him a son. If ever she was discovered by her husband she would push her gladiators aside for him in a moments notice though they would be horribly missed. 



Annia is considered quite beautiful, a natural brunette with the most stunning crystal blue eyes and ivory skin. She rarely ever wear's her true hair, instead preferring to cover her head with lavished blonde and red wigs decorated in gold and jeweled hair pieces. Annia feels the blonde hair makes her look like the higher born Roman's who typically are blonde where as the red hair makes her look more exotic and elegant, something not commonly found in the great city. Much like the great care she takes in her hair Annia also takes in her clothes. She often times dressed far above her station, wearing bright colors, shades of red, yellow, orange, and purples or blues. Elegant silks and flowing fabric drape her body with a flattering cut. She adorns her neck with fine jewels and is never without several arm bands and bracelets to add an extra flare to her appearance. Many would say a woman such as Annia would make Venus envious. Even when she is alone she is dressed to impress, never letting her appearance fall to the wayside in any situation. The older she gets the more she seems to obsess over her looks as well.



Father: Spurius Annius Comnu

Mother: Lydia Kronossos

Siblings: Caius Annius Comnu and Attia Comna

Spouse: Titus Justinius Canicus Phiscerus

Children: Canica Phiscera

Extended familyTiberius Justinus Canicus Phiscerus and Cambria Phisceria (Deceased)

Other: N/A




  • Born as the youngest of three children Annia was perhaps loved most by her mother and less so by her father. She was the baby of the family and where her brother was her father's pride Annia was her mother's little goddess. Having inherited her mothers beauty and her fathers intellect Annia showed she was an impressive young thing from an early age. Watching her father's engagement with other men in his class Annia aspired to be a woman of tact and business and to share his talents of manipulating and keeping the upper hand. Of course in watching her father's deals and arrangements from dark corners she learned from a very young age, only five years old that she had been bought and sold from the moment she had been born into the world a girl rather than a boy. Annia was another pawn in her father's game and in this game she was the future property of a much older boy, 8 years her elder named Titus Justinius Canicus.

    Unlike most girls she didn't accept her lot in life right away, instead she convinced herself she would win her freedom by becoming a Gladiator in the arena. In a rather obnoxious daily display she would torment her older brother until he would show her how to fight using a sword and attempted to make herself look like a boy by cutting her hair shorter to her mothers dismay. It placed her father on edge to have his daughter behave with such bizarre behavior and often times it was cut short by her fathers strict rules and constantly having her daughter watched by slaves. To have his daughter playing at being a boy rather than learning her place as a Roman woman. Of course by the time she was 8 years of age her world would be changed when making friends, rather close friends with a girl named Aurelia. She was a lovely young girl, only 2 years older than Annia and rather charming. As her parents would say Aurelia had set a great example for Annia. Teaching her more to be poised and to seek the approval of others than fight against the social tides.

    Of course the girls became fast friends, nearly inseparable and spending every day together. As Annia grew she allowed herself to mature into a beautiful young girl. Though she wasn't like so many other girls and with great comfort neither was Aurelia. Their friendship ran deeper than even sisters, their friendship was one of deep love and respect. Only at the age of 12 Annia knew she didn't just love Aurelia, she was in love with her and Aurelia too was in love with her. Together the two girls promised each other than no matter what, no matter whom they would marry in the future they would always love the other most of all.


  • A forbidden love, kisses from soft red flowered lips. Despite knowing one day she would have to marry a man she hardly knew Annia promised forever that Aurelia would be her only real lover. Two beautiful fawns in the gardens, blooming youthful girls coming into their womanhood. Spring was always a time of romance and wonder to the girls. Annia always playing the charming young guardian to a more fragile and feminine Aurelia. Her hero when young boys tormented her and teased her for her attention, trying to show off their brawn over the young girls brains. They were each other's safety, they were each others worlds. Of course the illusion couldn't last. As years went on and Annia grew more and more into her womanhood her time came closer to when she would leave her family's home and be sent off to her husbands home or the man who would become her husband. 

    She was only 15 when she was placed into his marriage bed and he already 23. Though handsome and dashing Annia couldn't help but feel her heart was breaking. So great a distance was put between herself and her lover. Moved from Carthage to Rome she feared she would never see Aurelia's face again. In her situation most delicate little flowers would have withered away or cried for themselves but not Annia. She stood strong and proud and accepted her face, now the wife of Titus. Annia had been so unprepared to be with a man and for some time would often times find comfort in her personal female slaves. Of course the more time that went the tolerance she once had for Titus became love and dedication. The eagerness to please him playing the dutiful role of wife but always watchful of her steps. She knew even as his wife she held no real power over his world, an unproven little girl playing at being a grown woman. Annia was wise and observed her 'family'.

    Playing the quiet innocent wife under the house of her husbands parents had proven the wise move. causing too much trouble could have pushed her husbands father to move her from the household and at the same time though already married Annia was still a young girl herself. Hardly as wise in her years as she would have liked to be. In her early years with her husband she was given her most precious slave Ethne, a Celtic girl not much older than Annia herself. With her lost close friendship with Aurelia Ethne became the closest person to Annia, sometimes even closer than her own husband. The one person she would share her deepest secrets with, including secrets of Aurelia and her love for the woman.


  • A child no more, the pain of a woman's duty and the rebellion against the chains. When Annia was 20 years old she felt her status in Titus' world was secured with news of their child. Though Annia had prayed for a son to make her husband happy her prayers would not be answered and what was meant to be a joyous time would become a blood soaked nightmare. The birth of her daughter had been a traumatic one. Just as Annia had been ill prepared to be a wife she had been ill prepared to be a mother in her age and it nearly cost her her life. If the risk of nearly dying hadn't been bad enough she had been shamed further by having a small sickly little baby girl rather than the strong son her husband had wanted. For weeks Annia recovered alone with only Ethne at her side, her feelings towards her child growing to a dark and twisted nature.

    Canica was already several weeks old when Annia first looked upon her face, sleeping peacefully in her cradle. Her mother dreamed of nothing more than to snuff the life from the baby for being her embarasment. After all she had prayed for a son, sacrificed for a son and she had been given this, this weakling girl child. Intent on smothering her Annia was startled by the child waking and crying, unable to do the deed at the sight of the helpless little creature. Annia held her daughter for the first time to stop her crying and in that moment felt regret and disgust for what she had nearly done, her cold heart melting. It was this moment that so strongly indebted Annia to her daughter, made her the perhaps overly protective mother she had become of her daughter. The lioness who would fight tooth and nail for her child and would make her sickly little girl the most dangerous and primed woman in all of Rome.

    Because of the traumatic birth it would take over a year for Annia to recover and even then she was forever cursed with the pain that came with trying for another child. A pain that still plagues her, a pain she's fought against and grits her teeth towards it if only to give Titus what he wanted. Yet having her daughter to look after and securing her position in the household with a child Annia stepped up more, coming out of her shell and assisting her husband in his business. Her observant nature had made her just as skilled as he, if not more so because of her cunning and charms. Rather than live her whole life as the pawn of some man Annia would play the game better and make pawns of men to raise her family to higher status and loftier dreams. To give her daughter the future she was never given. To never see Canica sold to the man who's family could bring their own more respect. Her daughter would have Rome in her hands, her daughter would have the world. 

    Things continued as usual, trying to increase their standing and profit as Annia's wisdom and tact improved. When she was 25 however her world was changed again, for the better. Aurelia recently widowed had come to Rome, a woman with a reputation for being a bit of a drinker and party animal and a great beauty loved by all and perhaps in the wrong ways. New of Aurelia's arrival had brought Annia to a joy she never thought she would feel again though her fears dug at her soul. She had never changed her feelings for Aurelia. Despite loving her husband and being ever faithful to him she had always loved Aurelia first and forever, she had kept her promise but would Aurelia have stayed the same? Throwing a party for her dear friend and inviting them to their home Annia tested the waters with great caution seeing her flirt with the eligible bachelors around them, looking for her next husband and causing great pain to Annia. Yet when Annia left the part to go to bed early she was surprised by Aurelia and the warm greeting of fiery passion received in a kiss. Aurelia too had never forgotten and after so many years they were together again.

    Of course Annia wasn't the only serpent in the house, having offered to let Aurelia stay with them Annia spent her every waking moment with her love. Something that had not gone unnoticed by Ethne. Though Annia did not love Ethne as she did Aurelia that slave had become more than a slave to her and rather a trusted friend and companion. So long as Aurelia was in the home Ethne had become nothing more than a slave to Annia. All her old privileges taken away as Annia didn't have time to dedicate to her. It was betrayal and pain to Ethne, to lose her importance in the household and become no better than the girls used as pleasure and entertainment. Betrayal for betrayal, her lips had been sealed over Annia's feelings for Aurelia but no more would she be quiet. She would tell Titus and watch Annia's world fall down around her. Indeed it would, Aurelia having left the house in secret to fetch something at the market for Annia, a surprise she was attacked by men, surrounded and beaten to death. The death of Aurelia was the hardest thing Annia had ever faced, the love of her life forever gone, beaten and abused in her final moments. Her heart burned with vengeance, the oath she would find who was responsible for this and end them with swift justice.

    It became her only goal, blood for blood. It was the muttering among her slaves that Annia discovered three of their own slaves had been the men to beat Aurelia and take her life. With haste she told Titus, demanding he give her justice for Aurelia and so justice was given. The slaves were to be put to death in the Arena. A sight to behold, watching them butchered by the proud gladiators. Of course Annia didn't understand what would cause three slaves to attack her lover. She would not give up until all the pieces of the puzzle were revealed. More whisperings from the slaves revealed that Ethne had been envious of Aurelia and had spoken ill of her, the investigation focused on the beautiful Celtic slave. Her most prized possession. It was in her secret watching of Ethne she discovered the woman was afraid Annia would find out and send her to die as she had the other slaves. All the proof Annia would ever need.

    Revenge would have to be held back for a time, it would not be enough to kill Ethne, she had to suffer, as Aurelia had. Throwing a party to entertain the elite's of Rome Annia without permission of her husband offered up but one slave to entertain the men who had gathered and one alone. For them to do as they wished with her and satisfy their needs, the slave she selected was Ethne. A night of shame, a night of being used and treated like an animal. Something Annia had promised she would never let happen, her Domina had been the hand to force it upon her. Ethne knew in that moment, running to Annia to beg for forgiveness and mercy. Annia seemed at first she would give it but there was no mercy in her heart for what had been done to Aurelia. She beat Ethne to the floor, and pulled a dagger. Ethne desperate to tell Annia that she had informed Titus and that Titus had orchestrated Aurelia's death but her words had been too late. With throat slit Annia watched the woman bleed out on the floor,, her anger settled as Aurelia got her justice.

    Broken and forever changed, Titus had told Annia he knew of her feelings for Aurelia and with no son in sight there was a threat to their marriage still. Annia swore her love to him, her undying love and loyalty, that she would do anything and everything just to make him happy until the end of her days but this betrayal had cut Titus deeper than she had expected. Under his own roof no less. Annia promised him she would make up for it, she would spend the rest of her life trying to right her wrong to him. Three times a week Annia would go to the temple to pray for the son Titus wanted, the one thing she had failed to give him and still nothing would come of it. As Titus showed less interest in her Annia knew her chances to conceive became smaller and smaller and her greatest shame and threat came to her in the form of Numeria. A threat to end their marriage if Annia could never give him a son. This has pushed Annia to her most desperate measures, a risk to lose everything only to keep her husband and her world.



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