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Hi all!

Below is a little info about my characters:


Clio was previously the body slave of the wife of a ludus client, but was recently sold to Septima Minor after a fortuitous encounter. She's calculating and somewhat reserved, but reliable and loyal too. Never forgets a slight, though, which can be a source of problems.

  • Ludus-associated people: Clio used to live at one and enjoyed watching the gladiators train, so even though she doesn't belong to that household anymore, she can still 'talk shop' with those interested.
  • Other slaves: easy to come across when out and about, or those in the same household.
  • Vendors: Clio likes checking out the merchants' wares when she is allowed to do so, and may even buy something provided she has the funds.
  • Learned persons: despite having little to no formal education, Clio is thirsty for knowledge - and is working on acquiring some now that she lives in a household of scholars! Mythology and history are her favourite topics, but she could easily find herself interested in other themes such as literature, science and mathematics.
  • Greeks: having been in Rome for a couple of years has made Clio miss speaking her mother language, despite her decent command of Latin.

When it comes to love, she got burnt badly by a former owner years ago, and as a result is still quite sceptical towards men. Ladies might fare better.


Titus is from a Senatorial family, the Sulpicii-Rufi. He's always been into bellic affairs and opted for a military career early in his public life. Served under Quintus Alexander in Gaul and Britannia and went to Cappadocia to aid and acclaim him as Caesar. He was posted to Britannia and then Dacia in recent years, but is now back in Rome and pondering his next move.

  • Army people: if your character has some connection to the legions, that's already a positive for Titus. If they served in Britannia, Gaul, Dacia or Cappadocia, all the better as they might know (of) each other!
  • High society: senatorial and imperial families are more tightly enmeshed in one another than wool socks, and manners dictate they behave more or less civilly towards their fellows. Titus may have spent half his life in service, but he's no brute. Lots of relatives to say hello to, I'm sure!
  • High society wannabes: in the army the strength of one's character says more than their background, so Titus is fairly non-discriminatory in his dealings with equites and plebeians, as long as they don't take him for a fool.

He's happily married to Valeria Flacca and entertains no thoughts of straying or divorcing her.  They've got three kids together, the oldest of which is a girl entering her teen years - which brings its own set of worries.


Safinia is an aloof plebeian from Lusitania who was orphaned at a young age and has been living in Rome ever since. She used to be somewhat of a seamstress but started working as a cook's assistant for the White stables in 74 CE. She doesn't care for inter-factions intrigue and mostly tries to do her own thing. The 75 CE earthquake rendered her homeless and gave her a number of injuries, chief among them a bad leg. She also has a kleptomania habit, especially small objects, so approach at your own risk.

  • White faction associates: her coworkers and the people she sees every day and is more likely to interact with. 
  • Lower-class folks: those who would frequent the same places as her like baths and taverns. 
  • Anyone in Rome: in such a big city she's bound to come across all sorts of interesting people!

No longer looking for plots for Safinia as I'll be axing her soon!


Livia is a senatorial matron currently very miserably married to an abusive and controlling husband from a prominent family, Secundus Quinctilius Varus. Meek and passive, she no longer takes the initiative on socialising unless it's family or people she knows well and are above suspicion. Her pastimes (can't really call them hobbies) include spinning, sewing and needlework, yelling at slaves and having a secret affair with her nephew-in-law. As of now she has no children (lost two in the past from her happy but short first marriage) and is doing her best to keep it that way given the volatile and oftentimes violent state of her household.

  • High society including family: pretty much the only ones she's allowed to see and visit, and not always without the taint of marital paranoia.
  • Merchants, especially textiles and accessories: poor girl doesn't have a lot of entertainment available, and she has to stick to what is acceptable for a lady of her rank.
  • Unsavoury characters: if you have a baddie character who knows a thing or two about poisons or would kill for coin but be discreet and keep their mouth shut, Livia will eventually need to get in touch with them.



Artemon is my dimwit who wants to be rich but falls for every single pyramid scheme, and not just because he hails from Egypt. He's a passable sailor but now works shuffling wares back and forth between warehouses, and has unwittingly become involved in shady stuff. A rather recent arrival to Rome, he lives with his twin brother Iophon in a crowded insula and is a friendly yet extremely gullible lad. 

  • Neighbours and their acquaintances: self-explanatory. They don't have to like him, but they should be prepared for Artemon's attempts at befriending them.
  • Unscrupulous people: feel free to take advantage of him. He'll fall for their tricks.
  • Egyptians: kindred spirits in the big city, and they can make offerings to Sobek together.
  • Anyone involved in the Dacian weed business: hello work buddies!

If you have any ideas I've overlooked here, I'm all ears! Reply below, PM me or hmu on Discord Liv#5452 🙂 

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Hey @Liv! I'd love to throw Longinus at you! 

He's been in Britannia on and off for years, and was the de facto military commander out there in 61CE. He's also served as Legate thrice and felt most at home in its wilds and damp. It would be great to plot these two out, as I suspect they knew each other given Longinus himself was involved with the Brigantes trouble in 68CE as Legate to Titus' quaestor. 

I'm up for friends or begrudging comrades or...well, anything really!

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Omg @Sara, I was perusing Longinus' app to see what we could do with him and Titus! Great minds think alike ☺️

Begrudging comrades turned friends with a splash of jealousy on Titus' side sounds very interesting, mind if I go ahead and PM you?

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Hey there, looking at these it may be that there is scope for some plots between Sestia and Titus? She is comfortably within High Society and has good connections if someone is looking to network (father is Proconsul of Africa and brother has an imperial bloodline wife). 

I would love to do something with Clio as Sestia is a lover of learning, history and literature (making up for lost time as he father didn’t give her a wide education in youth)

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That gives me a very good reason to poke Clio muse out of her coma! She's with Septima Minor now but I reckon she still has some freedom to go on errands, so they could meet somewhere in the city (maybe some spot that is popular with the Greek-speaking diaspora?).

Artemon is a chill lad who would love to reminisce about Egypt and Alexandria over a pint cup or five of beer and possibly try to sell Davus something while he's at it, so if Davus can put up with his underdeveloped?lazy? brain cells that's a go too!

If/when Davus needs his master for something, just let me know! I should be able to get a thread or two started by friday/saturday, but if inspiration strikes feel free to go ahead and make one!



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And of course saying we should thread doesn't mean I have any threads ideas. Naturally. Apparently I'm not an ideas sort of person!


...There are people of so many different ethnicities and backgrounds in Rome that I wonder if there are cauponae that cater to foreign foods in the same way we have Chinese/Indian/whatever takeaways in our own world? Somewhere that does Egyptian or Greek food might be a good place for Davus to run into either of your people!

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