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Siblings + former owner/lover


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In Clio's app I mentioned her siblings. She is the oldest of four, and the two youngest are twins. Their parents were from Numidia (Africa) and Syria, so please keep that in mind when choosing face claims for the siblings - genetics are a fickle thing, but none of them should be pale as snow, with golden hair and sky-blue eyes. They were all born in Bithynia in their master's farm and would have worked there until being sold/freed or escaping.

Adrastos, 22

The second child. He last saw Clio when he was 10, when she was sold to a new master.
As his name means 'not inclined to run away', I think it'd be a blast if he'd gone and done just that.
I picture him as personable and creative, but very headstrong.
FC suggestion: Avan JogiaEka Darville


Myron, 19

The younger brother and twin to Zenais. He was only 7 when Clio disappeared from his life, so who knows if he even remembers her.
In my imagination he was a sickly child; whether or not that left sequels will be up to you.
FC suggestion: Jacob Artist


Zenais, 19

The little sister and twin to Myron. How much she remembers of life with Clio was still in it is up to you.
In my mind she's ambitious and driven, but one of those people that can't stand to be alone.
FC suggestion: Vashtie KolaZendaya Coleman


Now, for the wretched young master who sold Clio off to an auctioneer after having gambled away his father's textile business.

Philippos, 25-35

A Macedonian who is good with horses. Has no idea his father's death was Clio's doing.
They were romantically involved at the time and had been for a while, since before coming to Rome from Dyrrachium.
It was genuine from both sides, but maybe he lost interest when his gambling woes started mounting.
Whether he's remorseful for having sold off Clio is up to you. it's also up to you what he plans to do with his life: go back to Macedonia and start anew; try to win back his lost earnings and rebuild the business; stay in Rome and give in to his vices, buy Clio back from her new mistress... Endless possibilities!
FC suggestion: Tom Hobbs

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