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Family Reunon - Aulus returns home in 68AD. With Horatia Justina - Past time thread

Senate Meeting 1 - the meeting of the Senate. Open thread

Letter to Calpurnia Praetextata - a letter to his sister. Solo thread (correspondence)

A matter of opinion - with Cleisthenes

Temporary Respite - intermission at the Gladiatorial Games. With Sestia Vaticana and Horatia Justina

Salting the earth - with Titus Sulpicius Rufus and Lucius Cassius Longinus - Past time thread

Red, white and blue - and green - with Cornelia Scipionis (Roulette thread)



Flowers and Fountains - at a fountain in the Piscina Publica with Septima Major (Thalia) and Septima Minor (Clio)





Soapsuds and rubber ducks - at the Thermae Mercuari, with Januarius


Oh sweet Minerva! - Out and about, conversation with Gaius

They don't know anything - at the hot food stall with Caius and Caia

Blood is thicker than water - at the baths with his master and father, Tertius Quinctilius Varus - Past time thread



Don't have a heart attack - in the palace, with Cynane



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Completed threads:


Changeful British skies - In Brittania with Lucius Cassius Longinus Past time thread - Finished

Come dine with me - heading home with his master - Finished



Under cover of darkness - Escaping Rome in 62AD. With Felix. Past time thread - Finished

Joining forces - on the road to Arinium in 62AD, with Titus Sulpicius Rufus and Felix. Past time thread - Finished

Like father, like son - exploring Rome with his son Titus (abandoned)

Birdwatching - in the Gardens of Sallust with Titus Sulpicius Rufus (abandoned)

More things in heaven and earth - interviewing a new tutor for Titus Calpurnius. With Cleisthenes (abandoned)

When the chips are down - an evening social affair, with Oriana Laecania (abandoned)

Mater made me 0 at the Circus Maximus, with Gaius Fabius Maximus

Fraternal piety - Temple of Vesta, with Pontia and Calpurnia (and possibly Felix and son Titus)  (abandoned)

In the hot seat - the Imperial Box at the new Flavian Amphitheatre (the Colosseum), with Octavius and Ario (abandoned)

Congratulations and Commiserations - in the office of the Praetor Urbanis, with Titus Flavius Alexander (abandoned)

Chance meeting at the Curia - a chat with Justinus Junius Calvus (abandoned)

Longing for some solitary company - a quiet chat with Felix - Finished



If wishes were horses - at the Whites' stables with Azarion

Horse trials - at the Circus Maximus with Azarion



Anything and everything a chap can unload - at Bacchus' Cup with Titus Flavius Alexander - Finished

A morning's business - at the house of Lucius Licinius Macer, with the head of the household (abandoned)

Afternoon relaxation - at the baths with Cleisthenes (abandoned; not replied to)



If you want trouble - find yourself a redhead - in Campania with Titus Flavius Alexander - Finished (Rated Mature)

Whispers of some quiet conversation - At home, with Azarion  - Finished

Little Bird Caged - At the slave market with Charis - Finished

Wicked spirits, begone - Lemuria with his new master's household. With Octavius and Valeria (abandoned)

Tabula Rasa - interview with his new master, Octavius Flavius Alexander (abandoned)

Sold, to...? - at the slave market, with Spurius, Titus and Octavius (abandoned)



The best prize is a surprise - at home, with Tertius Quinctilius Varus - Finished

Is anybody listening? - at the Temple of Apollo with Helios (and NPC Antonia Varia) - Finished

An introduction - at home with a brand new slave. With Charis - Finished

Garden Games - in the garden with Charis, and NPC Antonia Varia - Finished



Strength lies in differences - in the palace, with fellow slave Cynane  - Finished

Tying up loose ends - in the Imperial Palace, with Julia Valeria (abandoned)

A sky so sunny - The palace, with her mistress Claudia Caesaris (abandoned)

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