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Wanteds for Ludus Dacicus


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Ludus Dacicus

The Ludus is currently seeking positions for the Ludus. If you have any ideas or suggestions please message me and help flesh the Ludus out. Feel free to send me a DM on discord or a PM on here if you are interested in any of these. 

The Lanista

Gaius Vellius

Age: 40-45
Personality: Rough, determined to earn more coin, not above sabotage. On good terms with Titus and has a good business relationship with him. He manages the Ludus on a day to day basis. 
Possible playby: Up to the player. 
Physical characteristics: Up to the player. 
Family: Married, otherwise, open. It is likely that he has a family. 


The Doctore

Quintus Q.F Flavius Fortis

Age: 50-55
Personality: Veteran gladiator, was freed and struggled in the real world. Came back the Dacicus. 
Possible playby: Ray Winstone. 
Physical characteristics: Scarred.
Family: Up to the player. 


The Primus


Type of open. 

Age: 25-30
Personality: Bold, loves victory, skilled in combat. 
Possible playby: Manu Bennett. 
Physical characteristics: Tall, muscled, otherwise open. 
Family: Up to the player. 


The Medicus



Age: 60
Personality: Wise, has seen many lives. 
Possible playby: Not sure. 
Physical characteristics: Grey bearded. 
Family:  Up to the player. 


Other gladiators; are more than welcome whether they are in the early stages of training or who are veterans. Male and female gladiators are welcome.
There would also be slaves, male and female who cook, warm the gladiator's beds as a reward, and otherwise be around them. 


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