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30 | October 23, 44CE | Slave | Body slave | Bisexual | Wanted | Channing Tatum





Felix is quiet and observant, which often makes people think he is not clever, but that is far from the truth. While he has always been an introverted person, not many things miss his attention, and even though he was raised without much of an education, Felix has a good deal of common sense. When he does voice opinions on something, he usually does it in a short and sharp fashion, occasionally with a hint of sarcasm if he can allow himself the liberty (which only really happens around Aulus). He is fiercely loyal to his master, stubborn about completing tasks that he was given, and proud of his role as a shadow and constant companion to Aulus. He admires his master, but also is starting to believe that if he ever won his freedom, he would be able to strike out on his own and make a good life for himself. He is discreet, and has a clear sense of right and wrong when it comes to following orders from Aulus - who occasionally even allows him to argue against questionable decisions. This, however, rarely happens. Felix has a great deal of trust in his master. He is a kind and gentle person at heart, but his loyalty can sometimes override his instincts when Aulus' life or reputation is on the line. He is curious about the world and especially Rome, and soaks up information even when he appears to be doing nothing but what a slave is expected to do.


The first thing most people notice about Felix is his build. He is tall and muscular, with broad shoulders and strong limbs, which often gets him mistaken for a bodyguard, or occasionally a gladiator or soldier. While he is none of those things, he carries himself with quiet strength, and if needed, he uses his height to tower over people in need of some intimidation. He wears his dark blonde hair cut short and he is usually clean shaven, which makes him look somewhat younger than he is. He is deemed handsome by both men and women who care to take a better look, instead of passing over him because he is a slave, a shadow of his master. He has green eyes, and usually an observing look on his face, but occasionally, when he allows himself to voice his opinions, he can do so with a small smirk, or even a quiet laugh. People who don't know him see him as stoic or even dim, but if someone watches him long enough they will notice the tension in his posture, ready to act on a moment's notice, and the curiosity in his eyes. 


Father: Castor, slave

Mother: Philomena, slave

Siblings: none

Spouse: none

Children: probably none

Extended family: none

Other: Body slave to Aulus Calpurnius Praetextatus



44CE: Felix is born in the household of Tiberius Calpurnius Praetextatus as verna, a house-born slave. His Greek mother, Philomena, works in the household's kitchen, his father, Castor is a stable hand from the northern part of Latium. He was also born a slave, but he claims some Etruscan ancestry.

50CE: Felix is put to work around the household as soon as he is old enough to carry out simple tasks. He is not deemed particularly clever, so no one bothers to have him taught reading and writing. He speaks Latin, but he also picks up some Greek from his mother. He is a quiet and observant child.

58CE: Growing up, people's idea of Felix as someone well-built but not particularly bright becomes the general consensus in the household. He is given tasks that require manual labor, and with his adolescent years he grows into his physical strength. He is not deemed useful enough to become a body slave to one of the members of the family. The lack of approval stings, but it allows Felix to be alone with his thoughts. He observes the household and the people in it, and keeps his comments to himself. He is curious about many things - the world, the legions, politics - but he is in no position to satisfy his curiosity. 

62CE: Felix is eighteen years old, and his world suddenly turns upside down. His master's son Aulus, who recently returned from his military service to Rome, is forced to flee the city due to the purges of the senators early in the year. Aulus decides not to take one of his body slaves on the journey, since they are too recognizable, so he selects Felix in a hurry from among the less conspicuous slaves of the household - mostly for his strength and quiet nature. Felix suddenly finds himself in the middle of  a life or death adventure. Aulus and Felix make an unlikely pair of traveling companions, but the young slave proves his loyalty to his master, and also shows a surprising deal of common sense along the way. After a narrow escape, he accompanies Aulus to Cappadocia, where they join up with Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus. By the time they arrive back to Rome in August, Felix is a loyal companion of Aulus, and stays by his side as a body slave permanently. He is still quiet and observant, but now he has someone who actually recognizes the sharp mind behind the stoic exterior.

63-74CE: Felix accompanies his master to the Rhine frontier, then to Britannia, then to Raetia. He picks up some useful skills on the way, some out of curiosity, and some out of necessity - he learns to read and write, to handle a dagger in defense of his master, and some words in various languages. Mostly, he watches over the affairs of Aulus, completing all tasks he is given discreetly and loyally. His admiration for his master grows as he watches his career advance, and his loyalty deepens into something that is beyond mere survival, or even attraction. Over the course of their flight from Rome, Aulus and Felix shared some intimate moments, which reoccur sporadically in these years, although Felix never initiates them or flatters himself by thinking his master feels any special attraction towards him. 

74CE: Aulus returns to Rome and so does Felix. Felix sees the City in the whole new light: instead of a household slave, now he is a personal companion to one of the most ambitious people in Rome. The City is suddenly full of possibilities. 

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