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Philosophers in the bath


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Theo was getting back into the habit of regularly visiting the baths. In the first months of living in Rome, he barely had time to work and get his bearings, but by now, he was warming up to the comforts of the City, the Aventine Baths among them. He was beginning to learn when they were crowded and when there was more space to he had, when to get good massages, and when the waters felt the best with some exercise. There were many public baths around the city, but the Aventine complex was definitely his favorite. It even had a small library attached to it, which appealed to Theo who liked to lounge around and read after his bath.

Today was a nice day. The thermae were not too crowded, the water was clear, and the medicus had time to spare to sit around and read. He'd brought his own book this time, a smaller scroll on some medicinal herbs, written by some healer or other in Alexandria. The noises and sounds of the baths were a pleasant background to spending time alone. To be fair, Theo spent most of his time alone. He was a friendly person, but it took him time to warm up to meeting strangers...

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