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20 | January, 54 AD | Slave | Gladiator | Homosexual | Original | Alycia Debnam-Carey





Rana was not born a warrior, nor was she born a slave. She grew up free most of her life, but she has always been curious and determined and quite the troublemaker. She does not always mean to make trouble, but at home her opinions were often strange and she’d do things she shouldn’t do. Like sleeping with her brother’s wife, stealing and other things. Now she’s in Rome as a slave and here she has been told that her skills as a troublemaker will be useful in the arena. She has also always strived for attention and that desire has not lessened either, over the years. She quite likes to be noticed! Rana is still curious about what life is giving her and she is quite open-minded too. She has heard that the gladiatrixes can be paid well and be quite famous, having better lives than most slaves, and she’s decided to strive for that. No matter the cost. She is here to live and live she will… dammit!



Rana is somewhat tall for a woman, standing just about 5’5” in height. She has striking green eyes and smooth, long and dark brown hair. Her skin is tanned after years of travelling and it will probably stay that way, now she’s a gladiator. She is often dressed up in darker colors and for fights in the arena she will also be given a war-paint, to make her appear even more fierce. She embraces everything that is given to her, as long as it makes people notice her. When she is not fighting or wearing clothes fit for training, she wears lighter brown and grey colors.



Father: Bjorn

Mother: Willa  

Siblings: Helvi (sister, 24) and Erwin (26)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family:




Rana was born on a cold winters day in Southern Germania. Back then she wasn’t called Rana – she had another name, but she has put that behind her now. She had an older sister and an older brother; Rana was the youngest of the tree. She knew early on that her lot in life was to be married off, and that her match might be less fancy than what her older sister would get. She was the kind of girl who wanted more though and she did what she could to make herself noticed. Many times she was put in her place by both her father and her brother, they didn’t like her being so outspoken and making trouble. But she couldn’t help it. Being the youngest and a girl meant she mattered less than her siblings.

Rana’s older brother, Erwin, became a merchant and when she was fourteen and he was twenty, he decided to go and make some acquaintances among the Romans. And it was decided that Rana would go with him, because her chances of finding a good husband far away would be better… and maybe marrying her off to someone would form a good alliance. In a village not far from the Roman border, her brother quickly found himself a wife – Gerta - and Rana would live with them. His wife was a few years younger than he was, but that did not matter. Rana’s brother would however often leave and not come back in weeks, because he was trading, and that left Rana and Gerta home alone. The two young women grew close – closer than they should have. Sharing a bed on cold nights brought them close together and in secret, they became lovers.

Years passed in the village and when she was 18 years old, her brother told her he’d found a husband for her. Rana did not like the idea of no longer being with Gerta and she also didn’t like the idea of having a husband. She decided to run away, across the border, because she had also heard that Romans were more open when it came to whom you could love and sleep with. She could however not convince Gerta to run away with her; Gerta had two small children now and she could not live her children behind. But Rana couldn’t stay. She did not want to marry. So one night, Rana packed a sack of good things. She also took some of the valuable hides and amber, which she knew the Romans liked. She thought she could use that on the other side of the border. She left the village at night when her brother was away trading and she made it to the border and across. However, of course she ran into her brother in the first town she found.

Her brother quickly found out she had stolen from him and he wouldn’t take her back to the village. Rana said all sorts of things to him; everything that she’d been keeping inside for years, came out. She even confessed the affair with his wife and that did it. Her brother renamed her Rana, because ‘ran’ meant ‘stealing’. Her brother wouldn’t have anything to do with her; and if she was so eager to escape to Rome, to Rome she would go. He sold her as a slave to the Romans and that’s the last she saw of him. The slave trader took the young woman in, and for years they travelled the continent, where the slave trader would buy and sell slaves on the way. Further down south, an imperial client of a place called the Ludus Magnus in Rome, met the slave trader and he took thought Rana looked rather interesting - and the stories he heard about her were also thrilling. While she had not been a bad slave to her slave trader or tried to run away, she was known for doing odd things and mischief sometimes. She was twenty when she entered Rome and was brought to something called a ludus. Now she knew a little Latin, but it would turn out that wasn’t the most important thing to be able to do. Apparently Rana was to become a female gladiator, fighting for her life and the pleasure of the Romans. She learned fast what it was; the first morning in her new home, she was cleaned up and then the hard training would begin.

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