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Mim's plotter

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Hi, welcome! This plotter is a bit threadbare at the moment, but there are a few fun things to see nonetheless!

Titus Calpurnius Praetextatus

Sexuality in discernment
Presently at Rome 🐺

Very much trying to be a model oldest son, very sweet and dear if also slightly a prat; should definitely meet family and also as many useful family contacts as he can, in preparation for the early stages of his career. 
Has tons of people to plot with by default, but I guess he's one way for people to meet Aulus, his father, or Calpurnia Praetextata , his aunt -- not that I think he's actually met Calpurnia yet, but, you know. <u<
Would also be interesting to have him meet friends his age in the context of inter- and intra-familial business; he's old enough and now close enough geographically that he's going to have to deal with introductions ... and whatever  plans the family has for him.
I don't imagine that the family was fussed about finding him a prospective spouse for social connection-related reasons, being that they had other things to worry about up to now, but it's possible that an advantageous match will materialize from the woodwork and some authoritative ancestor of Titus', if not specifically Titus' father, will have thoughts about that.
If Aulus has any politician friends that Titus can do paperwork and favours for once he's officially an adult -- or if Aulus wants to make such friends for those purposes -- that'll also be fun! <u<

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