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Lupii of Roma gang


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Lupii of Roma 

Lucius Corvinus
Second-in-command for the Lupii of Roma
Roman to the core, plebeian, likely served in the legions at some point. 
Lucius is smart, cunning, soldierly, and has a good relationship with Titus. He also tends to deal with a lot of the matters directly so Titus does not publicly involve himself. 


The Lupii of Roma specialise in rigging races and games in order to get what they need. However, they are also known to provide bodyguards and on occasion will "rig" events, if someone pays highly enough. They would have spies and thieves among their ranks. Along with people who will push in order to get people involved in debt. If this sounds good to you, let me know. Some of the gang members could be female, depending on what their role within the organisation is. This will be fleshed out as things slowly develop. 

Most of these are relatively open slots with a lot of interpretation. 

Enforcers - 5 x open slots
Gang members  - many open slots
Slaves - many open slots

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