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. slave to tertius quinctilius varus .



finished . 

back in time . 

How to Train Your Dragon - September 71AD - Charis (Erea) & Ambrosius (Turi)
Charis spends quality time with her brother in Britannia. 


Trading Words - Winter 71AD - Charis (Erea) & Aia (Aius)
Charis trades blows with the interprex of the occupying legion.


Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters - December 72AD - Charis (Erea), Ambrosius (Turi) & Nymphias (Ardra)
In Britannia, Charis spends time with her family.



seventy-four AD

Little Bird Caged - Late March 74AD - Charis & Rufus
Now enslaved, Charis meets Rufus in the market.


The Meat Market - Late March 74AD - (NPC Charis), Tertius & Spurius
Charis is sold to Tertius Quinctilius Varus. 


An Introduction - Late March 74AD - Charis & Teutus
Charis is shown the ropes by fellow-slave Teutus.


Great Expectations - Late March 74AD - Charis, Tertius & Teutus
Charis is formally introduced to her dominus.


Lost and Found - Late April 74AD - Charis & Cynane 
Lost in Rome, Charis stumbles across a fellow Briton.


Respite - Late April 74AD - Charis & Gaius
Charis tells her story to an old Equite.


In Dreams - Early May 74AD - Charis & Tertius
In the garden, passion and tension flares between Charis and her dominus.


Years Apart - Early May 74AD - Charis & Airs
Charis chances across the interprex again.


Carpe Diem - Early May 74AD - Charis, Cynane & Helios
In the gardens, a drunk Charis is too loose with her words about her dominus.


Garden Games - Mid May 74AD - Charis, Teutus & Antonia
Spending time with fellow-slave Teutus and his half sister, their domina, Antonia.


The Bridge is Crossed - Mid May 74AD - Charis & Tertius [M - S]
Having found out about her gossip, Tertius punishes Charis and forces her into his bed.


Under the Morning Sun - Mid May 74AD - Charis & Teutus
The next morning, Charis reflects with Teutus.


What goes around... - Early June 74AD - Charis, Alexius & Helios 
Charis confronts gossip Helios, and is saved by Alexius.


Daggers After Dark - Mid June 74AD - Charis & Thessala
Charis is attacked and injured, only to be saved by a Gladiatrix. 


The Show Must Go On - Mid June 74AD - Charis & Tertius
Charis reveals her injuries to Tertius, who takes pity on her.


Life is a Lemon - Late June 74AD - Charis & Cynane
Charis and Cynane catch-up.


Work and Play - Early July 74AD - Charis & Helenus
Charis chances across a thermae slave.


Special Treatment - Mid July July 74AD - Charis & Tertius
Charis and Tertius reconnect and take their relationship further.


New Beginnings? - Mid July 74AD - Charis, Teutus, Tertius & Hector
Charis is informed of her new position, officially becoming Tertius' bed slave.


Summer Showers - Late July 74AD - Charis & Rufus
Charis runs into Rufus and spends the afternoon with him.


Reginus Georgus - Late July 74AD - Charis & Hector
Bitter and jealous, Hector needles Charis.


Lost in the Moment - Early September 74AD - Charis & Alexius
Charis reconnects with Alexius, who faces the sting of a slap.


A Visit - Mid September 74AD - Charis & Alexius
Charis apologises to Alexius.


I'm not your errand boy - Early December 74AD - Charis & Teutus
Charis and Teutus make up after their vicious argument.


A Trojan and a Goddess - Early December 74AD - Charis & Aeneas
Charis stumbles across a face from her past.


A Proposal - Mid December 74AD - Charis, Tertius, Titus & Longinus
Charis serves at a meal of her dominus' and finds out about her sister.


About Time - Late December 74AD - Charis, Tertius, Teutus & Hector
Charis witnesses Teutus' freedom ceremony.


Festivities - Late December 74AD - Charis & Tertius
Charis and Tertius celebrate Saturnalia.


seventy-five AD

Unhappy News - Late February 75AD - Charis 
Charis finds out she's pregnant.


Agony Aunt - Late February 75AD - Charis & Cynane
Alone and scared, Charis seeks advice from her friend.


A Favour- Late February 75AD - Charis & Teutus
Charis borrows money from Teutus for an abortion.


Revelations - Late February 75AD - Charis & Tertius
Tertius finds out Charis is pregnant after she botches her abortion. He imprisons her in her room and they argue.


Broken Conversations - Early May 75AD - Charis & Tertius
Charis, broken, submits to Tertius and they talk.


Time for Miracles- Late May 75AD - Charis & Alexius
Alexius tries to fix Charis.


Awakening - Mid June 75AD - Charis
Charis feels conflicted over her struggles.


Blue Sky - Late June 75AD - Charis & Tertius
Charis and Tertius reconnect as they discuss their child.


Evening Shade - Late June 75AD - Charis & Gaius
Charis meets a soldier in the Gardens of Sullust.


The Equality of Man - Late June 75AD - Charis, Tertius, Teutus & Hector
As an earthquake strikes rome, the domus is cast into chaos.


No Boundaries - Early July 75AD - Charis & Cynane
Charis finally reunites with her best friend after five months apart.


Exotic Finds - Early July 75AD - Charis & Aia
Charis meets Aia by chance.


A New Beginning - Late August 75AD - Charis, Tertius & Cynane
Charis gives birth to her child.




current . 

God Help the Outcasts - Late June 75AD - Charis & Aglaea
Charis commiserates with another Varus slave and learns a secret.


Transformation - Late August 75AD - Charis, Tertius & Teutus
Charis' child is recognised as freeborn.


Just One Night - Mid December 75AD - Charis & Alexius
Charis lets loose for one night.





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freedwoman and prostitute .



finished . 

seventy-four AD . 

Another Day in Paradise? - Early July 74AD - Vibia & Justinia
Vibia needles a new arrival at the Venus.


Midnight Games - Early July 74AD - Vibia & Marcus
Bored and unable to sleep, Vibia flirts with her on-off lover Marcus.


What a lovely time - Early September 74AD - Vibia & Gaius
Vibia entertains a client.


A Relaxing Evening - Late November 74AD - Vibia & Group
Vibia attends and works at Aulus' orgy.


Let's Dance - Mid November 74AD - Vibia & Valeria
Vibia makes friends with an irreverent patrician.


I know your secret, your dirty little secret - Mid December 74AD - Vibia & Titus [M - V]
Vibia pays her respects to a man that knows her secret, and things escalate.


 seventy-five AD . 

It's ya birthday, it's ya birthday - Mid January 75AD - Vibia, Valeria & Titus
Vibia entertains at a threesome...


Open Season - Mid June 75AD - Vibia & Titus
Vibia entertains a client who pries for information.


The Hunt - Mid June 75AD - Vibia & Titus
Vibia is asked to provide information and is offered a job.


Come and Rock Me, Venus - Mid June 75AD - Vibia & Aurelia
Vibia entertains a female client at the Venus.


What (and I can't stress this enough) the fuck?! - Late June 75AD - Vibia & Others
Vibia experiences the earthquake at the Venus.


In Confidence - Mid August 75AD - Vibia & Secundus
Vibia sees her regular client, Secundus Quinctillius Varus



current . 

Celebrations, Confidences and Confessions - Late August 75AD - Vibia, Secundus & Livia
Vibia attends a party and sinks her claws into Secundus' wife.





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Lucius Cassius Longinus

. soldier and senator .



finished . 

. back in time . 

First Encounter - Mid September 62AD - Longinus & Cynane (Cinnia)
Longinus encounters his British spoil, Cinnia.


Changeful British Skies - Mid December 66AD - Longinus & Attis [M - S]
Longinus takes his body slave Attis for a tour of his British camp.


Salting the Earth - Late October 67AD - Longinus, Aulus & Titus
Back in time - Longinus, Aulus and Titus are salty in Britannia. 


Andratra's Fury - Mid June 70AD - Longinus, Attis & Annis
Longinus meets a captive and stages a gladiatorial fight...


From Behind these Bars - Late July 73AD - Longinus & Lucius
Longinus helps his ex-Tribune with a legal case and plays detective.


. seventy-four AD . 

Over the Hills and Far Away - Early October 74AD - Longinus & Cynane
Longinus runs into his old British spoil Cynane in Rome.


What News? - Mid November 74AD - Longinus & Aulus
Longinus runs into his old friend Aulus.


To Lucius Cassius Longinus - Late November 74AD - Longinus & Titus
A series of letters from his best friend Titus Sulpicius Rufus. 


Reunion and Wine  - Late November 74AD - Longinus & Titus
After Titus gets back from Dacia, Longinus and he have a reunion. 


Changed History - Late November 74AD - Longinus & Aia
Longinus is astounded to discover his old interprex is a woman. 


A Relaxing Evening - Late November 74AD - Longinus & Group
Longinus attends Aulus' orgy. 


Here? Really? - Mid December 74AD - Longinus, Titus & Marcus
Longinus and Titus get a shave.


A Proposal - Mid December 74AD - Longinus, Tertius & Titus
Longinus and Titus scope out the niece of Tertius Quinctilius Varus. 


Some Light Entertainment - Mid December 74AD - Longinus & Deciums
Longinus reconnects with an old military friend. 


. seventy-five AD . 

History in Action - Early February 75AD - Longinus & Sestia
Longinus stumbles across a distant friend, Sestia Vaticana.


Come Dine With Me - Early February 75AD - Longinus & Sestia
Longinus attends Sestia's house.


An Evening Alone - Late February 75AD - Longinus & Sestia
Longinus invites Sestia for dinner alone, and things...escalate. 


So you're a tough guy - Mid February 75AD - Longinus & Titus
Longinus and Titus have a drunken fun night. 


Rendezvous - Early March 75AD - Longinus & Sestia
Longinus and Sestia begin their illicit affair.


What to do with you? - Mid April 75AD - Longinus, Attis & Metella
Longinus, pissed off at Attis, sends him to Titus' house. 


The Big Reveal - Early May 75AD - Longinus & Sestia
Sestia reveals she's pregnant and she and Longinus get engaged. 


Catching Up - Early May 75AD - Longinus & Marcus
Longinus runs into an old friend from his youth.


Boys Night - Mid May 75AD - Longinus, Aulus & Titus
Longinus celebrates his bachelor party with his two closest friends.


End of a Chapter - Mid June 75AD - Longinus
Longinus reacts to the breakdown of his relationship and loss of his child.


Coming Home- Late June 75AD - Longinus, Titus & Attis
Depressed and isolating himself, Titus and Attis come to take Longinus home.


Party People - Late August 75AD - Longinus & Caecina
Longinus meets the young Caecina Tusca at a party.



current . 

On Tour - Mid July 75AD - Longinus & Attis
Longinus goes on holiday to Greece with Attis.


A Morning Visitation - Mid July 75AD - Longinus & Claudia
Longinus pays a visit to an acquaintance in Greece.



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. slave to titus sulpicius rufus .



finished . 

. seventy-four AD . 

A Dacian Fable - Early May 74AD - Zia & Titus
Zia is taken prisoner in Dacia and is enslaved by Titus Sulpicius Rufus.


. seventy-five AD . 

A Walk Interrupted - Mid February 75AD - Zia & Aglaea
Zia argues and learns about religion with a fellow slave.


No Sleep - Mid April 75AD - Zia & Titus
Zia, plagued by nightmares, actually has a civilised conversation with her dominus.


The A to Z of Settling In - Mid April 75AD - Zia & Attis
Zia needles a new arrival into the house.


A Tale of Two Cats - Mid June 75AD - Zia & Nymphias
Zia has an unwelcome conversation with the resident optimist at the domus.


Entrepreneurial Spirit - Mid August 75AD - Zia
Zia sets her sights high as she embarks on a new endeavour concerning marijuana...




current . 

A Happy Union - 72AD - Zia & Titus [M - V] - AU thread
An AU where Zia and Titus must marry.


Io Saturnalia - Mid December 75AD - Zia & Others 
Zia begrudgingly celebrates the festival in her masters domus.




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Horatia Justina

. senatorial wife and mother .



finished . 

back in time . 

Omnia Vincit Amor - November 59AD - Horatia & Aulus
Horatia meets a handsome soldier and begins to court.


Under Cover of Darkness - 62AD - NPC Horatia, Aulus & Felix
Horatia's husband flees the purges.


Happier Times - Mid June 67AD - Horatia & Livia
Horatia helps her sister prepare for her wedding.


Family Reunion - Mid February 68AD - Horatia & Aulus
Aulus returns home after six years and reconnects with his wife and family.


What if? - 70AD - Horatia & Felix - AU thread
AU in which Horatia and Felix fall in love.


Lazy Days - Mid February 74AD - Horatia & Aulus
In Raetia, Horatia and Aulus connect.


Sibling Solitude - Early April 74AD - Horatia, Publius & Livia
Horatia returns from Raetia and connects with her siblings.


seventy-five AD . 

Gift Giving - Mid February 75AD - Horatia & Felix
Horatia looks for the perfect present with her husband.


Temporary Respite - Mid April 75AD - Horatia, Sestia & Aulus
Horatia reconnects with an old friend at the games.


Unwinding Before Bed - Mid April 75AD - Horatia & Callista
A chat with her body slave.


People Watching - Mid February 75AD - Horatia & Titus 
Horatia runs into a Praetorian Tribune and trouble is afoot.


[Mentioned] To the Praetorian Prefect - Mid February 75AD - Titus
The Tribune writes a letter regarding Horatia.


To Titus Cornasidius Sabinus, Praetorian Tribune  - Mid February 75AD - Horatia & Titus
Horatia writes to the Tribune.


An Awkward Call - Mid April 75AD - Horatia & Livia
Her sister pays a call and things are...awkward. 


Next Steps - Mid April 75AD - Horatia, Aulus, Felix & Callista
After the drama that had unfolded, Aulus takes charge.


Two Can Take on the World - Mid April 75AD - Horatia & Aulus
The evening after the revelation, Horatia and Aulus discuss next steps.


Plans and Preparations - Mid April 75AD - Horatia & Sestia
Horatia learns a secret about Sestia Vaticana.


Here's to the Ladies - Mid June 75AD - Horatia & Others
Horatia holds a book club for the ladies of Rome.


Gossip Girls - Mid June 75AD - Horatia & Valeria
Horatia visits the baths with one of her oldest friends.


When I Wake - Early July 75AD - Horatia & Azarion
Roulette thread - Horatia is injured in a riot and takes shelter in a brothel.


Fastidious and Precise - Early August 75AD - Horatia & Caecina
Horatia schools Caecina Tusca on married life.


Girls and Gossip - Mid August 75AD - Horatia & Pinaria
Horatia deals with malicious gossip on the state of her marriage.



current . 

To Walk Alone- 62AD - Horatia
Horatia's journey to Baiae.


Remember, Remember - Mid December 75AD - Horatia & Eppitacos
Horatia revisits the site of her trauma and meets an unexpected connection


Status Quo Ante Bellum - Mid April 75AD - Horatia & Aulus
Aulus and Horatia the uncomfortable matter with the Tribune to rest.





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Didia Nonia

. plebeian and businesswoman .



finished . 

seventy-five AD . 

Now What? - Early July 75AD - Didia & Alexius
Didia meets her new neighbour Alexius after the earthquake.


Morning Rounds - Early July 75AD - Didia & Rufus
Didia visits her friend Rufus for a catch-up.


Home Sweet What - Early July 75AD - Didia & Theo
A new neighbour moves in upstairs and Didia helps him out.


Anybody for a Peach? - Early July 75AD - Didia & Titinia
Didia meets the madame of the Domus Venus.


Another Day - Late July 75AD - Didia & Manius
A troubled Manius comes to Didia's stall.


You! - Early August 75AD - Didia & Manius
A familiar face appears in a new setting.


One Night in Rome - Mid August 75AD - Didia & Marcus [M - V]
Didia has a run in with a notorious sadist in the backstreets of Rome.


Tricky Timing - Mid August  75AD - Didia & Alexius
Didia seeks out her neighbour for help with her Marcus-problem.


A Little Help - Mid August 75AD - Didia & Theo
Didia gets patched up by her friend, the medicus Theo.


What else can I do? - Late August 75AD - Didia & Theo
At the Ludus, Didia pays a call on Theo.



. current . 

On an Adventure - Late July 75AD - Didia & Rufus
Didia goes on an exploration of Rome with Rufus.


After Cena - Late August 75AD - Didia & Alexius
Didia takes self-defence lessons with her neighbour.


Saturnalia thrice blessed - Mid December 75AD - Didia, Theo & Rufus [M] - AU Thread
Didia and Theo are married and invite their good friend Rufus round for Saturnalia




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Lucius Sempronius Atratinus

. senator .



current . 

A Game of Chance - Mid December 75AD - Lucius & Marcus
Lucius plays a game with Marcus Barbatius


A Little Thief - Early January 76AD - Lucius & Titus
Lucius hunts out a stolen necklace from his daughter at an old foes house


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