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Hector - Tertius' body slave

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Character Name: Hector
Occupation: Body slave to Tertius Quinctilius Varus
Age: 22 years old
Appearance: Youthful and almost feminine appearance, blonde hair and blue or hazel eyes
Nationality: Caucasian

Personality/background: Gorgon, who made a very good background for the young slave, has before played Hector. The following is mostly Gorgon’s work, not mine - but feel free to be inspired from it.

Hector was born in 52 AD and he was born and raised as a personal slave. He was sired in a Greek slave house, his parents the best trained and most attractive of the house Dominus' stock. He was raised until the age of 17 in the slave house, until it was deemed that he was approaching his ideal age and appearance. From then he was sold on to the markets in Rome, a rare treat for a wealthy Roman to snatch up, at the highest of prices, of course. 18 years old, Hector was purchased by Tertius Quinctilius Varus, and to begin with he was little more than a standard house slave, a role he truly despised, as it was far from what he had been trained and groomed for. Soon enough Hector was able to get himself into Tertius' bed, a place he prefers staying now.

Hector is, at the surface, the perfect slave. Obedient and well-behaved. He's willing to do almost anything to please Tertius. He's proud of his station in life, and if well aware that he's incredibly lucky for a slave. Hector is loyal to Tertius' above all else. He doesn't trust other's easily, especially those that attempt to get close to his master. When the day is over, and Hector gets to rest and relax with only those he truly trusts and loves around, there is a shift in his personality. Strict obedience shifts to a genuine want to help and comfort his dominus, to provide a gentle touch and a loving word at the end of a long, hard day. When requested he will give his opinions and advice freely, never holding back on information that could be crucial, no matter how hard or unpleasant it may be to hear. He's affectionate and curious. At the core, he has a warm, loving heart and a keen and genuine mind.

 Plot idea: Hector is Tertius’ personal body slave and has been with Tertius four years now. Since Hector is very fond of his master and all the privileges he gets for being such a good slave and good at pleasing Tertius in every possible way, he dislikes any threat to his position. He knows the other slaves of the household aren’t fond of him, because he gets to sleep in Tertius’ bed and can roam pretty freely around, when Tertius isn’t demanding his presence. He's not even required to do house work, except serving food and drink to Tertius, if that's what his master wants. Hector’s only job is, after all, to please Tertius. A new slave has entered the household recently – Charis – and Tertius is growing more and more fond of her by the day. On top of that, Tertius’ slave-son, Teutus, is about to be freed and that will also cause some tension, especially since it is well-known that Tertius rarely frees his slaves. I imagine there has always been some tension between Teutus and Hector, because of their close (but quite different) relationships with their master.

Tertius Quinctilius Varus app, if you want to read up on Hectors owner.

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