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Justinus Junius Calvus

Justinus Junius Calvus

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Forty-One | Sixth of Mensis Maius(May), 33 C.E | Senatore | Pater Familias, retired soldier and now senator | Bisexual(Lean Homosexual) | Original | Joe Hamm




Justinus is a man aware of that his prime is passing and now only the legacy of his family is important to him. He presents himself as a model citizen, a pater familias according the old republic way of life but one quite adapted to Imperial Rome.
As a former soldier, Justinus is well positioned to both giving orders and taking them, which allows a modicum of stability in his social position amoung the senate and Roman patrician families. Though he may appear unambitious this would be a fatal mistake as he believes that his sole duty as pater familias as given to him by the fates is to enter his family name into a dynasty that'll last for hundreds of generations and possess the wealth and power of kings, thus he is determined and focused, willing to give his own life to see the future of his family secured in the annals of time. He is known for being humourless, tireless and quiet, he is not a great orator and will speak rarely, prefering to use actions to speak for him, though when he does give speeches or speak privately with individuals he tends to be rather straight forward, preferring to deal with the matter at hand rather than using honeyed words to dance around the subject, though he can blunt he has used poetic terms when referring to people or places, for instance he has referred the legions as "The Wolves of Rome" both for their ferocity and coordination that a wolf pack displays but also for their ravenous appetite for conquest. As a soldier he excels under pressure but as one who as seen plenty of conflict he prefers peace and solitude, rarely attending social events where his status doesn't demand it or some business be needed to conclude.

Standing around an height of 5'8" he is somewhat taller than the average height of a Roman male with olive skin made slightly darker from years of soldiering under the sun his black hair is slightly longer than the normal style worn by Roman men, he frequently combs his hair and bangs front-to-back eventually making it so that it is all swept back off his forehead and behind his ears, previously he used to grow a long mustache similar to that of Gaelic tribes though he shaved that off before returning to Rome after his miitary service though he does neglect shaving at times, allowing a stubble to grow. Being a soldier most his young life, Justinus has impressive musculature from his frequent exercise that hasn't yet felt the decay of age, he is not bodybuilder however, rather his body is toned and hard from the physical demands of soldiering with only a little increase to mass. Though he tries to maintain a strong posture, especially during events or in the presence of his peers, when relaxed he noticeably slouches preferring to lean forward when sitting or reclining backwards and when standing hunches forward a bit. 
His stride is purposeful and concise, he is not one to stand idly or flit around, always coming from somewhere or going to somewhere with little need or desire to loiter, the persistant strength of his pace is only marred by some limping in his right leg as a result of a spear wound in his hip that makes his stride stiffer.
His facial features consist of rounded cheeks, a strong aquiline nose, wide jaw and a block chin, his eyes are a light brown colour and his ears are flat against his skull.




Marcus Junius Calvus, Father. (Deceased at 70)
Aurelia Matarius, Mother. (Deceased at 63)
     -Tiberius Junius Calvus, Older Brother. (Deceased at 23)
     -Livilla Calva, Older Sister.(44 Years old) Married to Appius Scaptius Felis.
    -Justinus Junius Calvus, was married to Plautia Manlia.
                       -Plautia Manlia, Wife. (Deceased at 36)
                       -Claudia, Plebian Mistress. (15 Years old)
                       -Quintus Ventris, Homosexual Lover. (29 Years old)
                                   -Lucius Junius Calvus, Son. (13 Years old)
                                   -Junia Calva, Daughter. Twin. (9 Years old)
                                   -Gaius Junius Calvus, Son. Twin. (9 Years old)
                                  -Vibius Junius Calvus, Son. (Died during childbirth)

Extended Family

Appius Scaptius Felis, Brother-in-Law. (41 Years old)
       -Titus Scaptius Felis, Nephew. (21 Years old)
       -Manius Scaptius Felis, Nephew. (17 Years old)
       -Scaptia Livilla, Niece. (15 Years old)

Caeso Junius Calvus, Uncle. (Deceased at 43) 
                   -Manius Junius Calvus, Cousin. (Deceased at 22)
Gnaeus Junius Calvus, Uncle. (Deceased at 33)



33CE = Justinus Junius Calvus is born to Marcus Junius Calvus and Aurelia Matarius

39CE = Justinus Junius Calvus is sent to Athens along with his cousin Manius Junius Calvus to study

46CE = Justinus Junius Calvus returns to Rome in order to marry, his chosen wife is Plautia Manlia.

47CE = Justinus Junius Calvus marries Plautia Manlia, however due to his love affairs with other men he is arranged to enlist into the Roman Legions.

47CE-49CE = Justinus Junius Calvus serves along the Germanica Frontier under Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus

49CE = Justinus Junius Calvus participates in the conflict against Prince Thorstan as a Optio

51CE = Justinus' older brother, Tiberius dies from Tuberculosis.

51CE = Justinus Junius Calvus is made a Centurion.

55CE = Justinus Junius Calvus is promoted to a Pilus Prior

54CE = Justinus uncle and cousin are executed for treason.

57CE = Justinus' Uncle Gnaeus dies from a sexual disease.

57CE = Justinus Junius Calvus is made the Primus Pilus.

47CE-60CE = Justinus Junius Calvus serves along the Rhine and participates in many skirmish's with Germanic tribes.

60CE = Justinus Junius Calvus suffers a near-fatal injury from a spear through his hip, he suffers for days from infection before surviving, it takes months to fully recover.

60CE = Due to his injury, Justinus is retired from service within the Legion, he remains in Roman Belgica for the winter before returning to Rome.

61CE = Justinus Junius Calvus returns to Rome, and reconciles with his wife.

61CE = Justinus' first son is born. He is named Lucius.

62CE = Justinus travels to Anatolia to oversee is Fathers quarry. His wife follows him.

64CE = Justinus returns to Rome taking his newly pregnant wife with him.

65CE = Twins are born, they are named Junia and Gaius.

64CE = Justinus travels to southern Italia to oversee his Fathers barley fields.

66CE = Justinus' wife dies in childbirth, the child does not survive.

67CE = Justinus travels to Britannia, leaving his children in the care of tutors.

69CE = Justinus returns to Rome upon learning that his Father is dying.

70CE = Justinus becomes pater familias after the death of his Father, he immediately seeks appointment within the Vigintiviri.

71CE = After serving a years term in the Vigintiviri, Justinus oversees and arranges his Fathers investments.

72CE = Justinus returns to the Senate.

74CE = Present






Born under a crescent moon on his families villa, Justinus was the second son of an established merchant, Marcus Junius Calvus. Being the second son of a prestigious family of the famous gens Junia high expectations were placed upon him, more than this he was born on a auspicious time and considered to be an omen, as his Father was being investigated for treasonous connections with the Parthians, the investigation and accusations being made by an old rival, and Justinus was born within the same night as that which his Fathers name was cleared thus he named his son 'Justinus' meaning "Just, Fair:", at a very early age he was sent with his older cousin, Manius, to Greece in order to study the language and philosophies of the Greeks, as such he was raised in a largely Hellenic setting and rarely saw other members of his family, though he had many tutors and friends in Athens he had few strong connections with any individuals, finally returning to Rome after seven years, the now thirteen year old Justinus was expected to wed within a year and thus a process began of politcial marrriage between himself and suitable brides to strengthen the family. After months of manuevering, he was chosen to wed Plautia Manlia when he turned fourteen and was expected to woe her before hand, though he tried, he soon earned the ire of his Father for chosing the company of other boys instead, and while this wasn't necessarily a huge issue it was considered highly improper given that he was to be married soon, worse, that his actions were considered highly offensive to his future wife and her Father, as his actions demonstrated a lack of interest in Plautia.

Yet despite such hurdles, they married and at once it was an extremely bitter affair with neither husband nor wife taking interest in their spouse, too escape what was a torturous experience for him, and a source of embarrassment for his family, Justinus and his Father arranged for him to enter into service with Romes Legions. Thus, at just fifteen years of age he enlisted and was placed upon the Frontier along the Rhine, under the prestigous Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus, within a year he participated in numerous skirmish's, as well as the battle against Prince Thorstan in 49CE. Aside from an exciting beginning, he soon found that miltiary life often consisted of marching, building fortifications with only the occasional skirmish against overambitious warlords to break up the otherwise drull lifestyle of a soldier, he remained in this position fading from obscurity for many years, until he received word that his older brother had died from tuberculosis. Suddenly, he was the only son of Marcus Junius Calvus, and a great priority was placed upon Marcus' last heir, with political manipulation, bribes and favor, Marcus insured his last son moved up the ranks quickly, far more than what was considered normal, though this even took a few years it eventually led Justinus into the position of Primus Pilas, and the future looked bright for the still relatively young Justinus as a career military man who may one day become a Legatus.
But the fates, cruel and twisted as they are decided a different fate for him, due to his uncle Gnaeus being infertile and uncle Caeso mainly having girls, when the tragedy befell the family yet again, in great force, it saw Caeso and his son Manius being executed for treason, and Justinus mourned for his cousin, as he had forged a stronger bond with him than with his own brother as they spent many years together in Greece, studying side by side, while Gaius would've taken over as the pater familias he contracted a disease from a prostitute and retired to Sicilia before dying shortly afterwards, this made Justinus' Father the Pater Familias with Justinus himself being the last heir, with most of the extended family having gone into almost total obscurity and the main bloodline being in complete disarray from the deaths of many of its male members, only Justinus and Marcus remained to continue the legacy.
Then, even this legacy was almost jeopardized when Justinus suffered an almost fatal injury by taking a spear into his hip during a skirmish against the Avernii, he suffered for months until it was properly healed and afterwards couldn't maintain a level of fitness that was expected in a legionary for battle. So, due to injuries sustained he retired early and returned to his families villa, he reconnected with his wife long estranged and she bore him children first a son and then twins, though she would perish attempting to give birth to a fourth child.
Within Rome, Justinus had little aspirations in politics, instead graciously accepting the appointments his Father arranged for him, mainly concerning his own mercantile affairs, quarries in Anatolia, tin mines in Britannia and barley fields in southern Italia, he traveled frequently and often in the company of his own wife before her unfortunate death, he had finally made himself into the example his Father wanted him to be, dutiful, determined, stern and honorable, though he still enjoyed the company of other men this was his private business and no longer interfered greatly with his marriage. After three years of this, he returned to Rome on a permanent basis to watch over his ailing Father, who had be bed-ridden for months now. 
After his Fathers death, Justinus immediately took over as the Pater Familias and connected with many of his Fathers associates in order to secure government positions within Rome, he began within the Vigintiviri, normally a place for young men to start yet aside from military life he had no political experience, yet soon found a taste for it and his standings rose quite steadily within the Senate and he gained reputation for being focused, and working through tragedy and pressure, such as the death of his wife. Currently, Justinus seeks appointment, perhaps... Further glory for his family?



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