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Justinus Junius Calvus

-Currently Widowed

-A Retired Soldier who served under  Cneaus Flavius Alexander Germanicus (So maybe some stuff there?)

-A Senator who seeks higher appointment

-Pater Familias of Calvus of the Junia gens

-Belongs to the Junii, a famous gens (Founders of the Republic even)

-Maybe some plotlines involving his children? (His oldest son is 13)

-Dedicated to creating a legacy for his family that would last hundreds of generations with the power and wealth of Kings.

-Or general meet and greet stuff could be cool.


Let me know through messages on this site or through discord if you wanna hook up with Justinus.





-Irish slave who needs to brought into a household.

-Desires of freedom, returning home.

-Language barriers due to only a rudimentary understanding of Latin.

-Trained as a Goldsmith but also has some training in combat

-Wouldn't mind either being a household slave, body slave or gladiatrix.






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Hello Mord!

I have a few possible plots or ideas for you...

Tertius is my only Senator. He also served in northern Gaul near the Rhine, from 50-54 AD (roughly), so they may have met. On top of that, they are both widowed and they both weren't the original heir to their family fortune, but they somehow ended with it anyway (although Tertius lost his claim again), so they have that too. Maybe they should meet and catch up and see if they get along?

Helios is a slave and prostitute who works at the Domus Venus. He's one of the less cheap ones, likes to sleep with Senators and other wealthy people of Rome and hopes to find a steady lover... perhaps Justinius would find him interesting? Helios doesn't have to be at the Domus Venus, he can wander off too and attend parties as part of the entertainment, of course - so they could meet there, if you'd like them to 🙂

My Plotter is here, if you want to take a look at my other characters, I have six in total - if you have other ideas for plots, let me know 🙂

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Probably the best guy of mine to plot with is Aulus, who's a Senator recently returned from governing the province of Raetia - he's had pretty extensive military experience in Germania and Britannia - and also has a 13-year-old son (played by @Mim). He's hoping to be Consul next year.

I also have Paulus, who's a pretty well-to-do plebeian who runs an antiques/house-clearance business with premises at the Saepta Julia, if your guy's in the market for a new bit of statuary or a decent reading couch...

My others are all slaves - Teutus is  the son of Atrice's Tertius by a slave-woman, and may or may not end up becoming his heir (needless to say, the situation is... complicated!). Volusa is body-slave to Quintus Caesar's niece Claudia Caesaris (played by Gothy) and Rufus is the newly-acquired body-slave of Octavius Flavius Alexander, who's also played by Gothy.

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I have a few characters that might work well. 

Octavius Flavius Alexander - Octavius or Octs is Caesar's right hand man. He has served many times in both military and administrative roles. They could potentially talk politics or the like. Also, Cneaus was Octavius' (and Caesar's father) father, so they could also potentially talk about that as well. 

Claudia Caesaris - Daughter of Claudius and Flavia Lucilla Augusta, (Who is also the daughter of Cneaus). Princess of Rome, unmarried and slowly growing into her role within society. It would be interesting to see how they interact with each other. 

Quintus Sulpicius Rufus - A Senator, it would always be good to get more plots and things for him. 

Flavia Juliana - She is married to Quintus Caecina Tuscus, the Proconsul of Britannia and is Caesar's niece. She is also the beloved step-mother of Lucius Junius Silanus, Marcus Junius Silanus and Caecina Tusca. Lucius is the paterfamilias of his branch of the family. From the purges she has developed PTSD when it comes to being in the city of Rome but has gradually become accustomed to it again. 

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Hi Mord!

I have two characters, maybe one or both of them strike your fancy?

Titus - younger brother to Gothy's Quintus, also a senator and newly back in Rome after a stint in Dacia as legatus. Doesn't quite know if he wants to start taking political life more seriously or keep kicking barbarian behind in the provinces. Has a 13-year-old daughter and should probably start looking into possible suitors for her...

Clio - body slave to the mistress of one of the ludi. Is happy with her current lot in life and entertains no thoughts of running away, though a tiny part of her hopes she one day can buy her own freedom. She can wander about the city on errands for her masters or in her sparse free time.

I must warn you I'll be going on holidays soon and my internet access will be spotty, so if you'd like to defer any ideas to after my return I completely understand 🙂

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