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Flavia Cordelia

Flavia Cordelia

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Flavia Cordelia.

34 | 19 november 39 ce | Senatore | Mother | Bisexual | Canon | Jaime Murray





Flavia Cordelia is a woman who has been through a lot and has changed because of what has happened. Once a soft, tender girl, Cordelia has grown up to be a wise, brave woman. She is very motherly, often being a shoulder to cry on and a good listener. She is extremely loyal to her friends and family, as the family she has left are people she will protect until the end. Don't mistake her kind and loving nature for weakness; Cordelia would do anything to protect her children and can be harsh when someone bashes her family name. With her family already gone through a lifetime's worth of events. 

The woman is the pinnacle of what a Roman woman should be: motherly, courteous, and loyal. Despite all of this, she still struggles with her imperfections behind the scenes. She often has nightmares, has breakdowns when near open flames, and sometimes overbearing towards her children. All of this stems from her past, which has effected her in ways that even she can't quite remember. She has large gaps of moments from her past that she can't remember clearly. When she has a conversation with her brother or a friend that lived through the same thing, she often will change the subject if it comes to something she can't remember to hide her embarrassment. 


Cordelia looks like the typical Roman woman; she stands at 5' 5" with dark hair and dark eyes. Her Roman features are strong. She has a strong jawline, long hair that is often styled down, and olive skin that gets pale in the winter. She has burn scars on her back, which she covers up as best as she can. Her brows are dark and her lips are pink. Cordelia takes very good care of her skin and hair, which she feels are important in her appearance. Most wouldn't see her with makeup on, as even when she attends parties and gatherings, she tends to go natural. She has curves in her body, which have been more defined since she bore three children. She is usually wearing jewelry on her neck, her hands, her ears, and sometimes, her hair.



Father: Titus Flavius Alexander Major (d. 62ce)

Mother: Clodia Cordelia (d. 62 C.E.)

Siblings: Titus Flavius Alexander (b. 40ce), Titus Furius Camillus (d. 62ce), Flavia Fausta (d. 62ce)

Spouse: None; former spouses include: Gaius Ignatius Sorpus (d. 62ce), Titus Furius Camillus (d. 62ce)

Children: Ignatia Sorpa (d. 62ce), Furia Camillila (b. 63ce), Gneaus Furius Camillus (b. 63ce)

Extended family: Casennia Nebetia (sister-in-law), Flavia Titia (niece) 


Paternal uncle: Cnaeus Flavius Alexander (deceased; father of the current Caesar and his siblings)

Paternal first cousins: 
Quintus Flavius Caesar Alexander Augustus
Julia Drusilla Augusta (by marriage)
Rufus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
Flavia Lucilla Augusta (deceased)
Jullus Flavius Alexander
Octavius Flavius Alexander
Decimus Flavius Alexander (deceased)
Laelius, adopted as Marcus Aemilius Scaurus Alexander


Childhood [39ce-51ce]

Flavia Cordelia was the first born of Titus and Clodia, of which she eventually had three other siblings. Growing up, Cordelia (as she liked to be called, Flavia was much too common) was trained to be the ideal Roman woman, especially since their family was rising politically. There was a lot of pressure on her, being the firstborn. She had a lot she needed to know, so there wasn't a lot of time for her to play around. As a child, her best friend was her cousin, Flavia Lucilla Augusta, who would eventually become the empress of Rome. The friendship between the two girls would always be there, up to Lucilla's death. 

She was taught the basic needs of reading and writing while trying to look after her younger brother, who was only a year younger than she was. He had dreams of being in the army while she had dreams of becoming a mother. She was always a strong girl growing up, often standing up for her siblings. Cordelia had a fairly regular childhood. She was very thankful for the position her family was in, as wealth and power was always something her family sought out. Cordelia, on the other hand, didn't care much about power and wealth. She cared about people. 

Teenage [52ce-58ce]

As a teenager, Cordelia was always told that there were many suitors that were interested when she became of age. But even when she was a teenager, Cordelia carried herself like a lady should. She was respectful and never went against the rules that were told to her. She was turning into a young lady quickly, with her parents meeting with many potential suitors when she was fifteen. She often met and had dinner with them, and though she had no real opinion on them, her parents cared about what she had to say.

At fifteen, she married Gaius Ignatius Sorpus, the first born son of a well-respected military officer and Senator. Ignatius was a kind man who cared about making Cordelia happy, which she appreciated. He was eight years her senior, and at first, she believed that the marriage was for connections and power. Though it wasn't long for her to become close with Ignatius. The two came to love each other, and when he traveled, she traveled with him. She eventually birthed a daughter, Ignatia Sorpa, in 58ce when she was eighteen. She was happier than ever.

Young Adult [59ce-63ce]

Cordelia raised Ignatia as Ignatius worked. She was a good mother, both spending time with her daughter and her husband. Her daughter even looked like her, which she would often tease her husband about. In November 61ce, Cordelia wanted to move back to Rome to be closer with her family and for Ignatia to receive proper schooling and etiquette training. Cordelia and Ignatius moved into a home where her parents resided, and with them having such a large home, they had more than enough room for the family of three. 

The mother didn't pay attention to politics much, with taking care of her child and doing whatever she could to help the rest of the family. She didn't have much time to worry about the things of the future. Her daughter was getting the schooling she needed, Cordelia was able to spend more time with her parents and friends, and Ignatius was able to meet with the connections he needed to meet with. Everything was perfect in Cordelia's eyes. 

March 62ce-Clemens' Purge

August 62ce-Husband #2 dies

August 62ce-Quintus is victor

January 63ce-Twins are born

Adult [64ce-Present]

How the purge affected her, her raising children, getting more into politics, reconnecting with brother

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