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Gaius Fabius Maximus' family, friends and others.


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This is for my character; Gaius Fabius Maximus

Shoot me a PM or a DM on discord if you are interested in any of these characters to take on. I might add more when I have organised myself and pestered Goths for some more information. 





Suggested Face claim: Siân Phillips.
Age & Birth Position. 44.
Position: Senatore, widow, stepmother of Gaius Fabius Maximus. 
Parents: Gaius Julius Babilius & 
Other family: & others up to you. 
Children: Lucius Fabius Maximus (b. 58AD)
Step-children: Gaius Fabius Maximus (b.   )
Fabia Numicia (b. )
There is a chance Julia Babila has siblings as well. 
Personality: Fussy, pushy, and expects manners to be maintained at all times. Loves her child and step-children equally. Is prone to spoiling and occasionally helicopter parenting. Extremely social and outgoing with others.
History: Pretty open. 
Ultimate Goal: Gaius and her son, Lucius, to be responsible Romans. 

Other information: She is fairly open. I would love to see what people come up with for her. 




Vibia Attica


Suggested Face claim: Bella Dayne.
Age & Birth Position. 20s & up to you. 
Position: Plebeian, Concubine to Gaius. 
Parents: Up to you. 
Other family: Up to you. 
Personality: Up to the player. 
Ultimate Goal: To marry Gaius. 
Other information: Again, pretty open. Drama would always be fun! 





Suggested Face claim: Open to the player. 
Age & Birth Position. 16. Eldest.
Position: Slave.
Parents: Gaius Fabius Maximus & Household slave. 
Other family: Legitimate and illegitimate siblings. 
Personality: Mostly up to the player who takes her on. 
History: It is likely she would be trained to do something within the household. 
Ultimate Goal: Freedom and love from her father. 
Other information: Scared of being sold by him. 





Fabia Numicia


Suggested Face claim: Martina Stella.
Age & Birth Position. 24, second born. 
Position: Senatore.
ParentsGaius Fabius Maximus Major & Numicia Prisca .
Other family: Likely married. 
Personality: Up to you. 
History: Up to you. 
Ultimate Goal
Other information




Lucius Fabius Maximus

Suggested Face claim
Age & Birth Position. 16, third child. 
Position: Senatore.
Parents:  Fabius Maximus & Julia Babila.
Other family:
Ultimate Goal
Other information

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