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White faction members/roles


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Characters in all roles can be slave, freedmen or plebeians, though the charioteers themselves are mostly likely to be slaves or freedmen. This is not an exhaustive list of named characters; I've only named two charioteers, you may add your own if you wish, as there would be several. This is mostly a list of character types/roles to be found in a chariot racing faction.


Do PM if you want to discuss any of these roles or a character idea!


Charioteers – aurigae – usually slaves, they won money for each race won



slave/freedman; Greek; suggested PB: Jack Huston from the 2016 Ben Hur – most successful current charioteer of the White faction. Personality and background open! Taken by @Járnviðr



slave/freedman; British or German; suggested PB Colin Farrell from the 2004 film Alexander the Great - up-and-coming charioteer. Personality and background open!

  • Other White charioteer spots open!

Trainers – skilled horsemen whose role is to train the horses (and new charioteers)


Marcus Albus Varica

freedman; 30s/40s. Head horse trainer and oversees the daily care of the horses. Suggested PB Sean Pertwee Personality and background open!


Appius Favonius Crispus

freedman; 30s/40s, trainer under Varica; also acts as talent scout. Suggested PB Colin firth from The Last Legion. Personality and background open!


Cartwright – make and repair the chariots. He has a couple of dedicated underlings and may borrow odd job slaves as necessary

  • Titus; plebeian; 20s/30s, may be married. Personality and background open!


Doctore – to care for the well-being of the charioteers (and incidentally the rest of the faction workers)

  • Freedman or plebeian, name, history and personality open! He may have an apprentice to help, and may borrow odd job slaves as necessary

Medicus - to care for the health of the employees, charioteers and slaves


Marcus Albus Nicandros

freedman; history, personality and family (if any!) are up to you! Suggested PB is Sam Neill from The Dovekeepers

Veterinarians – to care for the health of the horses

  • Freedman or plebeian, name, history and personality open! Will make use of grooms and odd job slaves as necessary


Leather workers – to make and mend harnesses & the drivers' protective gear

  • Most likely freedmen/plebeian workers hired to work for the faction


Scouts - for finding talented drivers and horses

  • Probably freedmen and/or plebeians. Will report directly to Marcus Eppius Parthenicus


Security – to ensure the safety of the horses (mainly) but also equipment and drivers (and also to deter escape attempts by any of the slaves who might want to abscond)

  • Ex-gladiators/ex-legionaries – slaves, freedmen or plebeians


Grooms/stable hands/odd jobs - required to do the necessary dirty work and manual jobs around the faction stables

  • Most likely slaves, some may be peregrini or plebeian.



slave; British; suggested PB Brenton Thwaites; general stablehand reporting to Varica; background and personality open!




slave; suggested PB Matthew Marsden, general skivvy/stablehand reporting to Varica, background and personality open!


Cook and cook's assistants - necessary to feed everyone!

  • Male or female, slave  or free



slave; suggested PB Gemma Arterton; background and personality opem

Seamstresses - to make and repair the clothing of the slaves owned by the faction



peregrina/plebeian, suggested PB Aishwarya Rai; originally from Libya/Africa, background and personality open

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