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October 74CE. 

The travel to Greece had been an interesting journey, and one she was happy to take without her mother's presence. Corinthia had informed her mother that she was traveling to Greece to ensure her future. While a place of culture, she had never felt any personal attachment to the place and instead preferred to spend time in the company of her social equals. One thing she noticed was that she thought that her mother was a little too relieved to see her travel to the provinces. While Corinthia did not wish to admit it. It hurt. The voyage had gone relatively smoothly, and soon she settled in. Sent messages to all the important people and was determined to network with people. Aeneas, her gladiator came with her. 

The young man she had met at the Imperial Banquet would also be there. Lucius Junius Silanus. She was not going to be like her mother and slowly she was understanding how important marriage would be. The connections were necessary, and no doubt Caesar would wish to control the families. She would leave the asking to her mother. The dimwitted fool had her uses and being harmless was one of them. This was all if everything went according to plan. Otherwise? She would need to seek out another who would be worthwhile. A messenger informed him that he would be arriving. 

Corinthia reclined on a sofa and twisted grapes before placing them into her mouth while being fanned by servants. Her thoughts continued to race and slow. There were many possibilities for the future. 

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