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Marcus Barbatius


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29 | 1st April 45 AD | Plebian | Barber | Bisexual | Original | Jonathan Rhys Meyers





It is hard to describe a man like Marcus Barbatius. It might be easier to just meet him and make up your own idea about him, rather than having him described. You might describe him as twisted though, if you really knew him. He is a psychopath and a sadist, after all. He has an unnatural fascination with blood and he does not feel guilty about it. He knows of course it's not normal to be the way he is, but he does not try to control his desires or urges. Few know him so well though, besides his personal slaves. Marcus will have different personalities according to whom he interacts with. With wealthy people, patrons, senators and other useful people, he can be the friendliest person you have ever met. He will be charming and all smiles and more than happy to do your biding, so he can earn his coin.

With people who are beneath him, people who offend him and annoy him for some reaosn… everything is different. He knows that he has the upper hand with slaves and especially his own for example; knows that is his choice whether they live or die. And if they behave well, they’ll be fine and live. However, the tiniest mistake or flaw will annoy Marcus, who is constantly seeking reasons to hurt others, because he knows it ought to be justified, at least. So he looks for the reasons and believes he is in his right to hurt someone, when he does. Marcus is not a weak man and he is the one who has access to any blade in the house. he is however also a bit of a coward and can't actually fight well. So he seeks to only attack and hurt people he believe he is superior to. If a fight begins, he'd rather flee than stay to fight.

It's never easy to be his slave and he can be hard to please - and he does not care what you feel. He wants to be hard to please, so he can justify his actions. Marcus has no wife and has no plans on having one. He has never been in love and people he call friends are very rare, since few people would understand him and he's aware of this. He knows he probably ought to marry, but he does not have this strong desire to have an heir, like many Romans seem to have. And he's not even sure he's able to love anyone. Marcus likes to be free to do whatever he pleases in his home and rightfully thinks a wife would restrain him.



Maybe it is his mother’s foreign origin, but Marcus is sometimes tall among Romans; standing 5’8” tall. He has striking blue eyes that can appear almost piercing, as if he is always onto you or always considering or scheming something. And who knows if he is? He has an athletic build and short, brown hair. He prefers dark or green colors with his clothes, although his most cherished clothing is a blue tunica, because blue has always been a color of status where he came from. Around his neck, in a leather string, hangs an iron key.


Father: Marcus Barbatius Major (deceased)

Mother: Gaia Aulietia (deceased)

Siblings: Gaius Barbatius (deceased)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family: Marcus Barbatius Magnus – mother’s husband (deceased)




45 AD – Marcus is born to a father, who used to be a simple and ordinary soldier in the Roman army. His mother was born and grew up in Gaul. When his father had served his years, he settled down with Gaia and had two sons. Marcus was the first. Marcus is from a young age an introvert and prefers to be left on his own. Something is very different about this boy. 

47 AD – Gaius, Marcus’ younger brother, is born. Gaius is more outgoing and gentle than Marcus. As Marcus grows, it's obvious he is not normal. He has a tendency to lie, to want to hurt others, he is manipulative and he is a narcissist. 

55 AD – Marcus’ father dies and his mother is open about being in a relationship with his father’s freed slave, Magnus. Magnus is a war captive turned into a slave, who worked as Marcus’ fathers body slave. When Marcus’ father died, Magnus was freed. Marcus’ mother marries Magnus and Magnus settles down as a barber. He trains both Marcus and Gaius to become barbers too, although he does not adopt the children to be his own sons. With Marcus being the more reserved type, Magnus gets along with Gaius much better.

57 AD – Marcus thinks his brother Gaius, who is more gentle than he, is spoiled by their adoptive father and a dislike towards Gaius begins growing in Marcus. When they’re alone, Marcus tends to bully and try to hurt his brother. Nothing else changes though and no one does anything about Marcus' behavior.

62 AD – Major uproar in Rome, which they hear about in the small town in Gaul. Marcus is now working alongside Magnus as a barber and hears a lot about Rome – and they are all glad they don’t live there. Gaius is still just an assistant to the barbers and Marcus makes sure his brother knows this.

63 AD – Marcus gets upset with Gaius over something minor – using it as an excuse - and cuts his arm deeply with one of the razors. Gaius loses at lot of blood while Marcus does nothing. Gaia, their mother, helps Gaius and Magnus is of course upset over this and wants Marcus gone. Gaia, Marcus’ mother, does not want him to leave, despite what he did. Marcus is still her son. But after the incident, the household feels different. Gaius recovers, but is afraid of Marcus and Marcus enjoys the power he has over his brother and the family.

64 AD – Magnus is tired of Marcus and his weird behavior and wants to kick him out. There is a fight in the household and Marcus ends up killing his mother’s husband. 19 years old, he is now the eldest in the household and threatens Gaia and Gaius, to makes sure they will keep the secret about the murder. They cut up the body and burn it. No one blames him for the murder and by anyone else; the death is treated as an accident. Gaius however has a hard time forgiving his older brother. Marcus enjoys his rank in the household and uses threats and violence to both his mother and brother to keep them submissive to him.

66 AD – After two years of mental and physical abuse (beatings and cuts with blades) from Marcus, Gaius will no longer stand for it. He leaves the house to go and tell the vigiles of the city about his brother, but makes the mistake of sharing the idea with his mother. Marcus forces her to tell where Gaius went and then follows Gaius and kills him, burying the body in the nearby woods. Gaia of course knows what happened and confronts Marcus with it, wanting him to stop with his violent behavior or she will tell. Enough is enough, she says. That doesn’t help. She ends up dead too and Marcus also hides her body before gathering all his belongings and in the dark night, he leaves the town behind him for good.

68 AD – Marcus arrives in Rome and settles down as a barber, pleased to start a new life in a place where no one knows him. He purchases a few cheap slaves from the market to become his assistants and now again has someone to abuse. Outwardly, towards free citizens of Rome, Marcus appears friendly and open and soon becomes a successful barber. Marcus takes in more and wealthier clients, pampering them with razors, strigils, lotions and oils and massages by his slaves.

69 AD – One of his slaves has gotten into trouble too many times with Marcus and before Marcus can punish him, the slave somehow gets his hands on a blade and slits his own throat. Marcus is very upset over this and now keeps his blades locked in a chest – and keeps the key around his neck. He vows to never have another slave take his or her own life in his house. Then of course Marcus just buys a new slave and continues as if nothing happened.

74 AD – Marcus does not know how many slaves he has owned and how many he has murdered, because they weren't submissive enough or because he wanted to kill them, before they could take their own lives. He has several of them now and is still a successful barber. He is far from poor now and has a fine home in Rome. Senators come to him to be pampered and he takes good care of them. A few people may sense that something is off about Marcus and wonder why he purchases so many slaves and what happens to some of them. And maybe one or two people have died because they knew too much and Marcus didn’t want them to tell… meaning that so far, no one really knows. 

77 AD - Marcus Barbatius is still alive and well in Rome and continues his double life, where he is just an ordinary barber of Rome in the daytime, but in the evenings and nights, he will often leave his home to 'produce blood' as he often calls it. Make people bleed. Sometimes kill. In February 77AD however, it went a little too far. Marcus killed a Senator of Rome and there are now more people out looking for him than ever before. He tries to continue his life as always, to not raise suspicion, but his urge to cut and make people bleed is still there. And now there may also be an urge to stop those looking for him.


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