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A new life.


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The training at the slave school could be quite harsh. Yet it meant that the students would go into households with skills and training that made them more valuable. A valued slave was treated better than an unfavoured one. There were several slaves who were going to be chosen. Classmates. Turia stood with her eyes downcast and listened closely to any signs that there would be an important changes. In her mind, all of the commands, hints and tricks were going through her mind. This could be the beginning of a bright future. Favour meant a small wage, the change of freedom, and only the Gods knew where her fate would eventually end. 

Her hands trembled as the price was discussed. Yet the noblewoman did not bargain herself and instead had a slave who did the work for her. It made her wonder what it was like to be able to live such a comfortable, privileged life where she did not have to lift a finger and all of her needs would be met. 

Suddenly a hand went under her chin and tilted her head up so her gaze could meet her new Domina's. A person who could have complete power over her. The Roman woman studied her, more akin to how a person evaluated the worth of an animal and looked at her cheeks from side to side. Not a word was spoken to Turia directly. Her attributes were mentioned. She was healthy, courses regular (Gods! She hoped to never have children!), polite, skilled at her work, and came from good loyal stock. 

A deal was soon struck. 

She was sold. 

Her head from childhood was filled with the promises of what this day would have been like for her. A joyous occasion. She could not help but feel her stomach sink in a feeling of sadness. She would be leaving the only home she had ever known. 

The Dominus placed his hand on her shoulder. 

"Turia, these are good people. They will take care of you. Promise to be a good girl and represent the school proudly. They have promised that you will be able to visit your mother, so long as you behave." He warned her. 

"Yes Dominus, when do I go?" Turia asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Tomorrow, and no sadness. Smile! It is your future. Go and tell your mother the good news!" He exclaimed, oblivious to the pain she was currently in. 

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