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The Tale of Alaric Aetius Stilicho. - 74CE

Enemy and later friend to Rome. 

The meeting took place at the man's home. In the distance there were the sounds of his family and slaves. The household is quite vibrant. It is clear the family have wealth yet do not show it off excessively. It was the home of his adopted father (and brother-in-law) Fluvius Aetius Stilicho. His wife, Seia Imperia was the wife of a condemned traitor and a patrician who had fallen on hard times. The home was welcoming, warm, and loud. The host retains his accent yet his use of Latin is educated, skilled. 

I first asked him a series of questions. 

Bold are my questions, and answers. 



"What you first think of the Romans?" 

"I loathed them. They were the terrifying enemy who had driven other tribes to disaster and ruin. My goal was to crush Rome once and for all. Their arrogance would be crushed. They were a, hm, a bogeyman. I did not see them as other humans." 

"That is extreme. Is it true that you became friends with men who fought against you?"

Alaric smiled. "Yes, many of them in later years became friends and later even family by marriage. One in particular will always stand out to me. His name was Renius, and he was my best friend. Often I find myself missing him and wondering what would have happened if he had of lived." 

"You have married several women in the past. Who is your favourite or most beloved wife?"

Alaric laughed. "Are you trying to get me into trouble with my wife?" There was a pause. "I loved each of them. They were all important to me."

"Why did you embrace Roman life?"

"I didn't choose to. I was forced into doing so, at least, originally. They had managed to capture Barbara.. or Brunhilde. If I did not comply she would have lived her life in slavery. It is not considered wise to show so much compassion to a child, especially a girl. I had already lost everything. I tried to take on Rome and I failed. The Gods spat on everything I tried to accomplish after telling me that I would be victorious." He paused for a long time. "She was treated well. I was given concessions. I was a shadow of my former self for a long time before I became myself." 




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