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27| 1st May, 47 AD | Slave | Gladiator - Gallus | Straight | Original | Vin Diesel

Personality & History

Kratos grew up in Greece as the youngest son to a baker and his wife. He was 6 years old when the Epirot Rebellion took place and his parents were on the wrong side. During a fight, his parents both disappeared - he assumes now that they died - and Kratos was taken captive along with his older siblings. All three of them were enslaved. They kept Kratos together with his older sister and by pure coincidence, they were bought by a baker in Rome. Here he grew up, sweeping the floors and working in the bakery and as he grew older, he even learned the trait. He always had a violent streak though and as he grew broad and stronger as a young man, his owner decided to get rid of the boy. He was 15 years old when he came to the Ludus Dacicus and began his training. This suited him so much better than working in a bakery and he's been a gladiator ever since. Kratos was trained in different forms of skills, but he mostly fights in the arena as the gladiator type called Gallus. He loves the fights in the arena and loves bathing in blood and attention in there - and women otherwise. He knows however that he's growing older and although by now he's skilled enough to help training the new gladiators, he also knows that he may face some in the upcoming games, that will be faster than him and have more stamina. He's going to give it all and see if he lives or dies.

When he's not fighting, Kratos loves having fun of any kind and loves a good joke and prank. He may be broad and muscular, but he has a smile to warm up anyone if they have a bad day. He enjoys helping out the new gladiators and learning them the proper skills and he has even been told, that if he survives the upcoming games, he'll be made doctore in his ludus. Time will tell what happens.


Father - Philon Theodoros , Disappeared/Killed
Mother – Xenia Aspasia, Disappeared/Killed
Brother – Aineas Philon, 32, Alive (unknown whereabouts)
Sister – Artemis, 30, Alive (unknown whereabouts)

EVENT FOR: Gladiator Games, 74 AD

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