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Seeing the invisible


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Mid-September, 74CE

Aia had seen the shop before on few of her visits to the Emporium Magnum. At first she did not may much attention to it... but now she found herself circling back to it. Fortune-tellers did not interest her much, but from people chatting around the Emporium it was not hard to find out this place was a bit more than that: it was also home to an - allegedly - very experienced matchmaker. Or so some people claimed. Aia suspected that the rumors might have been started by the matchmaker herself.

The thought first occurred to her as a sort of a joke, a continuation of her recent conversation with Decimus about finding a suitable wife. The man needed some serious help in that department, and also deserved someone decent... and from a decent family. Which, honestly, Aia had no experience with.

As she approached the shop, however, her amusement was mixed with other feelings as well. Marriage had never occurred to her as something she herself would go through, for many reasons... She was more than happy to help a friend with it, though. And yet... she found herself part intrigued, and part looking forward to talking to a woman who was... much more well versed in marital matters. Or just... women's matters.

Aia walked into the shop a little sheepishly, looking around to see if she was disturbing a consultation. 

"Hello?... Um. Salve."



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