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Lucius Cassius Longinus


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Lucius Cassius Longinus

35 | 21st February 39CE | Senatore | Military man & Politician | Bisexual | Canon | Michiel Huisman





Longinus is a man of many facets; demanding of his men and himself, yet amiable and good natured with his friends. He has almost none of the ruthless ambition of his contemporaries and is a poor political strategist, far preferring the cut and dry world of the military than the strategies of the senate. That's not to say he's not driven - he sees himself, in his future, as a consul but for now he prefers to enjoy his life and the challenges of his position rather than manipulate and scheme at every turn. He holds himself to high standards and requires the same of his family, slaves and men but he is not above boy-ish horseplay and can often be found, now he's returned to Rome, at the Venus or drinking with friends in taverns. Whilst generally he has an even temperament, he has been known to be reckless with money, investing in schemes which fail or gifting sums to those who in practice, are abusing his good will and his fortunes have suffered because of it. Longinus is an inherently active man and can't stand being idle. In practice this means he's up before dawn most days and either exercising or trying to find something to occupy his mind (much to his slave's irritation as he often gets in the way). He is easily bored and finds Rome dull. He has recently taken an interest in the games and races as a way to amuse himself and sate his need for violence now he has returned to civilian life. 



Longinus is tall and fit due to a life largely spent in the legions. He is tanned after years on the road and outside and has grown lax about his grooming - preferring to keep his dark hair longer than is usual for good Roman men. In truth, it's simply because he hasn't a care to spend time on things he deems unimportant. He is currently wearing a mourning beard after the loss of his wife, but even in happier times he could routinely be found with short stubble - again through a lack of desire to 'waste his time' on his own presentation. He is a handsome man but doesn't see it himself, and now he has returned back to civilian life after almost 15 uninterrupted years in the military, dresses simply and plainly - rarely wearing the toga with that bright purple strip that he knows is his by right to don.



FatherLucius Cassius Longinus Major (17 - 62CE, deceased)

Mother: Livia Vicana (born 20CE)

Siblings: N/A

Spouse: Antonia Nennia (45 - 74CE, deceased)


  • Legitimate:

Cassia Antonilla - 8 (born 66CE)

  • Illegitimate:

Pelias - 19 (born 55CE, by his mothers body slave Niobe. Pelias was sold by his mother in 72CE.)

Extended family:

  • Paternal Uncles: 

Gaius Cassius Longinus (deceased)

  • Paternal cousins: 

Cassia Longina (born 44CE)

Lepidus Cassius Longinus (born 55CE)

  • Wife's family: 

Gaius Antonius Nennius (father in law, born 20CE)

Livia Sabina (mother in law, born 24CE)

Publius Antonius Nennius (brother in law, born 47CE)

Tiberius Antonius Nennius (nephew, born 65CE)

Antonia Livia (nice, born 70CE)

Other: N/A




39CE: Born to Lucius Cassius Longinus Major and his wife Livia Viana, after several failed pregnancies. He would be the couple's only child. 

55CE: Longinus puts on his toga virilis at sixteen. He also engages in a short lived affair with his mothers young body-slave Niobe who gives birth to his child. She is sold shortly thereafter but his son remained in his fathers household.

58CE (June): Longinus moves to serve as a tribune in Britannia under Decimus Junius Silanus. 

61CE (October): Longinus serves under Silanus against the Parisii where he is killed. Longinus is made Legatus of Legio VI (far ahead of schedule) at age 21 due to the extraordinary circumstances of Silanus' death, and becomes de facto authority in Britannia. Longinus offers protection to Decimus' children.

61CE (November): Longinus loses Glevum to Eppitacos. Longinus returns to Rome accompanying Decimus' family, to report on the rapidly deteriorating situation in Brittania, and requests more legions which is approved. He returns at the end of December to awful weather, a storm nearly wrecking his men in the channel.

62CE (January): Lucius' father dies and he becomes pater familias. 

62CE (February): Longinus marches on Petuar, his ranks buoyed by more legions. They win, but Petuar is destroyed, there are numerous casualties and deaths and the men fall back to Lindum. 

62CE (March): Having had word of Clemens' rise to power, Longinus sends word to his mother to flee to Greece. Lucius' quietly announces his support for Cotta in opposition to his Uncle's stance with Scarus. 

62CE (April): Longinus is re-appointed legate of Legio IX Hispana under Tiberius Maximus, at age 23.

62CE (August): Hearing of Cotta's kidnap of a vestal, Longinus reneges and lends support to Quintus Alexander in direct opposition to his Uncle. However, owing to his position in Britannia, can do nothing to act upon it.

62CE (September) - 63CE (December): Longinus remains in Britannia, fighting several skirmishes against the divided Britons and attempts to continue supply lines despite Eppitacos' disrupting the trade routes, in preparation for the new Caesar's advance into Britannia. 

64CE (March): Longinus meets Caesar in Britannia. Offers his apology for his families defiance of his legitimacy, and his own previous support of Cotta.

64CE (September): With Eppitacos being taken prisoner, and peace looking likely in Britannia, Longinus returns to Rome and marries Antonia Nennia. He embarks on a civil career, becoming elected Questor. He serves in the role for a year, becoming elected to the senate. 

66CE: Antonia gives birth to their only child, a girl - Cassia Antonilla. Lucius, dissatisfied with civilian life and his marriage, rejoins the military to serve as Legate once more in Britannia. He is re-appointed Legate of Legio IX Hispana for the 3rd time. 

68CE: Longinus is joined by his previous mentor's son, Longinus Junius Silanus as his Tribune. 

72CE (December): Longinus returns to Rome at the end of 72CE, having lingered after the the close of the war, and spends his time dissatisfied with civilian life - consistently shunning his wife and mother and spending time with military friends.

74CE (October): Antonia dies of pneumonia. He grieves her deeply, and now is in pursuit of a new position as a legate in other province to escape what he considers the suffocating nature of Rome, or (more ambitiously) as as a Legatus Augusti Propraetor.



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