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Septima Minor


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Septima Minor is a kind and friendly soul with an abundance of patience. She is a lot more introverted than her sister, with a quiet curiosity and a keen sense of observation. This does not mean that she doesn't enjoy company or have friends - she just never pushes herself into the center of attention. She enjoys reading, learning, and organizing and cataloging things she finds interesting, such as books, plants, and curiosities. She has a scholar's mind, or so her grandfather calls it. She writes things to her own entertainment, but secretly hopes to write books one day, even if she has to hide her true identity to do so. It would be her only act of rebellion. Apart from her scholarly interests, she also enjoys the company of her cats, which now number half a dozen around the household. Her favorite is a short-eared Egyptian tabby cat named Nefertari. Cats are not the only thing tying Septima Minor to Egypt: She is a devout follower of the goddess Isis. 


The only thing that sets Septima Minor apart from her sister is the color of her eyes: Hers are green, while Septima Major's are blue. She has a slight build and brown skin with tones of gold. Her hair is dark brown but grows lighter from sunlight in the summer; she likes to wear it down, or casually pinned up to keep it out of her eyes, but she is not a fan of elaborate hair pieces. She enjoys rare jewelry, more for interest than for value, and flowing dresses of different colors. She doesn't paint her face unless she has to, but enjoys watching her sister to do so; seen next to each other, this is mostly what sets the two Septimas apart. Septima Minor has a shy smile and a quiet laugh, except when she carries a conversation about her favorite topics and forgets herself. In those cases she can get quite animated.


Father: Gaius Septimus Tunisius (deceased)

Mother: Petronia Aquililla (deceased)

Siblings: Septima Major (twin)

Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A

Extended family:

Grandfather: Gaius Petronius Aquilius, 70 (he’s like a father to her)
Grandmother: Aurelia Paulina (deceased)

Aunts and other extended family:

Petronia Aquila, 36 and her children:
Gaius Petronius Aquilius Urianus, 15 years old, cousin but more like a brother
Uriana Petronia, 10, like a sister, cousin but more like a sister

Petronia Aquila Minor, 34
Petronia Scribonilla, 33
Petronia  Aquiliana, 27




Septima Minor was born as the second child of a set of twins, preceded (by mere minutes) my her sister Septima Major, whom she considers her elder sister in every sense of the word. When the twins were two years old, their parents were killed in the civil war, and the girls were spirited away to the household of their grandfather, who raised them with love and care. Septima doesn't remember these events, or her parents, but she carries some deep seated anxiety that she doesn't know how to explain.

When the girls were four years old, the family mover to Rome - aunts, grandparents, the whole household. The two Septimas grew up there, spending a lot of time together, and with their cousin Gaius, who was the closest to them in age from the whole family. Over the years, he became a true brother to them, often mistaken to their sibling or even third twin. 

While Septima Major had a close relationship with their grandmother, Septima Minor was always more fond of her grandfather, Gaius Petronius Aquilius. She shares his interest in people, stories, history, and the world around them. She also has an interest in the wonders of nature, and a patient mind that organizes and catalogues things. The passing of her grandmother shook her, but not as deeply as it did her sister, so Septima Minor supported Spetima Major through the painful goodbye the best she could. Since then, she has been keeping company to her grandfather more often as well, sharing moments with him to cheer him up, accompanying him on his walks. She has no daydreams or prospects of marriage yet; the whole thing seems a little strange to her, and she is in no hurry to enter the life of a Roman matron just yet.

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