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Gladiatorial Combat Information


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Experience adds to modifier. 

0 -  Prisoner. Weakened or a non-combatant. 
1 - Healthy and strong but no combat training. 
2 - Has experience fighting. 
3 - Experienced and trained gladiator in that style. 

(Essentially, the modifiers limit the impact of the blows. ) 


Dice Roll. 

1-Missed strike. 
2- Cut skin. 
3- Struck hard or knocked on the ground. 
4- Broken bone. 
5- Missed strike. 
6- Struck hard or knocked on the ground. 
7 - Missed strike.
8 - Broken bone. 
9 - Missed strike. 
10 - Cut skin. 
11 - Badly maimed. (Loss of limb or an eye)
12 - DEATH. (If you don't want the character to die, it becomes an 11)


A staff member will post the dice roll entry and players are able to react to it. 


Essentially, Bob and Todd are gladiators. 

Both of you do your openers. The first person who goes gets the first roll. 

So Bob gets say a 4. Bob is a level 1. That means Bob can choose to either get a broken bone or be knocked on the ground (a 3). Essentially, there is more choice to what happens. 

The rounds continue until someone either dies or is too badly maimed/injured, or 5 rolls each. 


If they are both marked for death, an NPC gladiator will come in and do it for the crowd. lol 



A 3 is hit with a 12 and the player doesn't want to have the character die. There is no modifier. It becomes an 11. It is up to the player which limb or an eye is lost. If the character doesn't have the OOC no death clause. They die. Regardless of what level they are. 

Notes: A cut can mean something light, or more extreme where they will need stitches or something more severe. Depending on what the player wants. 


How will we do things?

A staffer will post a thread opener with the post order. Both players will reply. 

A staff member post a reply with a picture of the result of the dice roll. Members will then respond. The dice roll is what happens to that particular character. 

Character 1
Dice roll -- 4
Character 2 breaks Character 1's bone. 


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