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16| 19 February 58CE | Prisoner| Thief | Heterosexual  | Original | Dylan Minnette

Personality & History

Growing up on the streets with no family and no where to go the only logical course of action for survival was stealing. Small things at first, just food to get by but as the years progressed and he got better with his slight of hand skills loafs of bread eventually became jewelry off the unsuspecting merchants in the market. This skill came in handy and made him rather wealthy in his own eyes making him feel almost invincible. This would be his downfall as he would get roped into a heist planned to steal a number of the extremely expensive weapons from the Fields of Mars. Unfortunately  they were not expecting the security to be so high at the location and those that were not killed were arrested, Vopicscus being one of them.


Who knows?

EVENT FOR: Gladiators!

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