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Twenty-five | 2 April 49CE | Slave | Gladiator - Retiarius | Hetero | Original | Peter Mensah

Personality & History

Formerly he went by Lucius Afriananius before he had to sell himself in order to repay his gambling debt. It all started out small. A gamble here, a gamble there, and the desire to repay it all back. Just one win... Just need a big win. Unfortunately, it spiraled. He had no desire to ask his family for money or to ask one of the predatory gangs for another loan to pay back. He abandoned his family one day, and in shame went to the block.  

He found himself purchased by a Ludus Matutinus due to his long frame and agile appearance. His training went well and he has already competed in a couple of events already. His old name and the shame briefly forgotten when he steps into the Arena.  To his surprise, he survived the matches and only came away with scars to prove his survival. 

Yet only the Gods know what is ultimately in store for him. 


Wife and one child. 

EVENT FOR: Gladiatorial games. 

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