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25 | 22 July 49CE | Milite | Pleb  | Bisexual | Original | Jai Courtney

Personality & History


Marcus' life before this point was quite average. He learned his trade and went into service to Rome through the legion once he was able to do so. His poorer background and lack of a trade kept him at Milite rank for sometime. 

Marcus did not know why he fled. He could have been executed in a variety of ways.  If he had of been closer to the old legion he served in. He may have attempted to go back to the legion to face punishment. He thought himself an honourable man until the yearnings to return home became too strong. They needed him back here. There were harvests, and he needed to protect his family members. It all became too much for him to cope with. He deserted. Once he was home he began to realise his mistake and what it would eventually cost him. Surely the authorities would understand? A compassionate officer instead gave him the chance to survive or die in the arena to see whether or not the Gods would be compassionate towards him. 

Marcus deeply regrets his decisions and hopes to make amends with blood, if need be. In a strange way he hopes to reclaim his honour to Rome.  


Two disappointed parents and other family members. 

EVENT FOR: Gladiatorial games. 

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