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Lucius Baebius

20 | 15th August 54 | Soldier | Pleb| Bisexual | Original | Isaac Hempstead-Wright

Personality & History

Lucius is quiet and timid. He acts much younger than his years, and has always been the baby of his family. Many were surprised by his decision to join the military, as its completely at odds with his temperament. He is fearful of many things, and is easily anxious. His quiet nature fits with his weak body which has none of the muscularity of many Roman men, especially those in the legions.


Born into a poor Plebian family, the fifth child (and third son) in rural Italia, there wasn't a great deal in the way of prospects for Lucius. He spent his early years minding his family's meagre plot of land and being coddled by his mother and older sisters. Having always been small and fairly unimpressive, he was sure he wouldn't be accepted into the army but he was, and he was determined that his wage would be of unparalleled benefit for his family. Unfortunately for him, it was quickly apparent that military life wasn't one for him. He dreaded every day of training, and the thought of a decade of his life spent in service to Rome was unpalatable. When he found out the legion he had been assigned to was to go to Britannia, he fled. He couldn't face the thought of dying in an unfamiliar, cold, desolate country and naively assumed that he'd not be missed. He was caught three weeks later, starving and hiding in an abandoned house not far from where he had fled. He's now in Rome, awaiting his punishment and is paralysed with fear. 



Marcus Baebius - father 

Nona Caelia - mother 

Marcus Baebius Minor - brother 

Aulus Baebius - brother 

Antonia Baebia - sister

Gaia Baebia - sister


EVENT FOR: Gladiator Games



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