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Twenty-two years | 12 December 52 CE | Slave | Body Slave to Tertius Quinctilius Varus | Sexually Fluid | Wanted | Alex Pettyfer





Hector takes his position and every assigned duty in the household of Tertius Quinctilius Varus with relish and pride, which is done so out of what has developed with time into a genuine loyalty and care. Consequently, his master’s interests are his own – for the most part. By nature, Hector is a perfectionist and is particular about any product of his work and sometimes, even other’s work, especially if he feels it is a reflection of himself or of his master. Often it seems like he has an unlimited reservoir of energy, where working at his side is a matter of the tortoise and the hare, which isn’t unsurprising given that he is a young man with an athletic build. On one hand, Hector is a workaholic but on the other, Hector has qualities that every young man does: the capacity to be playful if given the chance, a love of wine, and is often swayed by his hormones and emotions even with his overall good and subservient temperament. 

Born and grown a slave, Hector is uncritical about being a slave. He had never known anything else or felt compelled to think complexly about his station, having accepted it as the way of things. Instead, he plays to his role well, unquestioning, well-mannered, and poised. He learned to define himself by his value to masters, by his ‘stock’ and quality as a slave: Greek origin, young, male, strong, and in good health. But there is a subtle sense of self-confidence and pride in being a ‘valuable slave’, which almost brushes hubris, behind his manner and behaviour. Outwardly, Hector is disciplined and compliant, a ‘teacher’s pet’ but inwardly, he can think like a bit of a ‘prima donna’ for a slave. It’s a quality that may make him unpleasant or unpopular with other slaves and the unpopularity may be well-justified, especially where a mixture of his young age and favouritism come into play to just confirm what he deems of himself. At times, he believes that he is entitled to or deserving of more than most fellow or other slaves. Although he won’t outright state it. It might be explained as an internalised classism in the form of a survival mechanism but ‘once a slave, always a slave’ even in the most comfortable environments. And it needn’t take more than one eye to tell there’s a clear discrepancy to Hector’s tune when in the company of those above him and those with him.



Given the name “Hektor”, Hector is an Anatolian Greek, tall and long-limbed with a Greek masculine athleticism and a light feminine mannerism, a combination of characteristics which translate into a ‘gay jock’ vibe. He is golden-haired and green-eyed with the face of a young man that he carries himself with equal pride and submission. Despite being a slave, he is clean, well-nourished, and well-groomed, owing to the effort and time he puts into his presentation and the knowledge he has accumulated in manners of hair and skin care.



Father: Kleitos, whereabouts unknown.

Mother: Acantha, whereabouts unknown.

Siblings: Unknown.

Spouse: None.

Children: None.

Extended family: None.


  •  Tertius Quinctilius Varus, master/dominus. 


Hector was born to Anatolian Greek slaves who were the property of a flamboyant and plump Greek slaver by the name of Alecto, though he has no living memory of either. Hector had spent limited time with them before they were separated, where his father and mother were sold and sent to different geographical locations. He was reared by the collection of household slaves on Alecto’s estate and had never felt lacking in being without a mother or father, especially when he had a place and a part within a wider household even if there was a pack hierarchy. His life was customary for a slave, filled with instruction, service, and reprimand. As a young boy, Hector had gained the positive attention of his master first for his decent looks for a slave, being golden-haired and heathy-looking, and then for his willingness to assist without question his master’s ailments from gout, which had then shifted Hector’s position. 

Hector was subsequently directed by his master to perform tasks including playing the lute or singing whenever Alecto planted himself behind vessels upon vessels of wine. Hector willingly obliged without question even when the perceived favouring grated his fellow slaves but serving for Alecto, as those who did knew, was playing to the expectations of a man who wanted and expected more extravagance than he could afford, including out of his own slaves. It in combination with his over-eagerness with the back of his hand and spit confusing vulgarities meant that his slaves often over-performed to evade the display. 

He was kept in the household until his late adolescence until his master passed away by myocardial infarction. In the transition of the household and rearrangement of the slave management, Alecto’s son Euclid had decided to reform the slaving business, beginning from undoing his father’s former lavish style to something more in accordance with his own practicalities. He employed his brother Phrixos and associates for the transportation of slaves, including some from the household, to the Roman markets for sale. His future was ultimately left in the hands of his seller and prospective buyers, which had left a cloud of uncertainty that had made him uneasy and sick to the stomach. The markets of Rome were intimidating, he was one slave among many in silent competition for a good placement. 

He was purchased by Tertius Quinctilius Varus who by first impressions contrasted with his last master. While Hector was relieved that he had at least escaped a worse fate, he still felt displeased and degraded with being delegated to the work of a common household slave especially when he had acquired training to do and be so much more under Alecto. He was far happier when he became Tertius’s lover which might have been subservience at first but then developed into genuine attachment and care for his master given the amount of relative freedoms for a slave that he was given. As of late, he feels threatened by Tertius’s interest in Charis and feels every bit of the jealous lover.


Joaquin | GMT+0 | PM or Joaquin#3689

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