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Application | Body-slave to Tertius Quinctilius Varus

Hector is an Anatolian Greek slave, he's a brown-noser, likes to think he's above other slaves out of a mixture of vanity and internalised classism. He's athletic, a typical young man and interested in the same things every cardboard cut-out of a 22-year old man is, but also interested in "feminine" things like fashion, beauty, self-care. 


  • Ain't got no shit here. Open to anything.


  • Tertius Quinctilius Varus - master
  • Charis - fellow slave 
  • Teutus - fellow slave + master's son


Application | Matron, Muscian, and Poet (including pseudonym of 'Landicus') 

Valeria is the daughter of a senator (Publius Valerius Flaccus). While she has circulated works under her own name, she has a whole secret career revolving around dick jokes and incredibly bizarre and obscene poems (all done to shock stuffy Romans) under the character of a raunchy old man named Landicus.


  • Roman ladies' night out (or in), like a crazy hen party of ancient Rome, lots of wine and silliness without the husbands/male lovers.
  • Poetic protégé, taking a younger woman interested in poetry under her wings. If not poetry, music could be another option.


  • Titus Sulpicius Rufus - husband
  • Quintus Sulpicius Rufus and Scipiones, brother- and sister-in-laws 
  • Nymphia - slave


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So we already have Charis and Hector fun but a couple of options for Valeria, @Joaquin:

  • Longinus is good friends with Titus, and is actually currently having a drink and laugh with him in their domus right now. He's also a widower so would probably be welcome to female advice on potential new spouses.  
  • Vibia is a freedwoman, but also a prostitute at the Venus. As well as somebody who probably enjoys her poems, she's also a very skilled musician and plays the cithara. Wealthy Romans who have seen her play (usually at the Venus) have hired her out before for parties to entertain. There's a chance if Valeria has attended a party where Vibia is playing they could bond over mutual love of music and bawdy jokes. She's not a particularly pleasant woman, but quite good fun. 



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Definitely think a Sestia and Valeria connection would be in order! Sestia is a senators daughyer, recently widowed and a lover of arts, music and fun now she’s been (temporarily) liberated from patriarchal control!

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