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A Dacian, a Briton and a Gaul walk into a tavern


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What did the Romans do to inhabitants of the regions they conquered? That's right, they enslaved them. Titus Sulpicius Rufus is no exception and brought home a couple of fine souvenirs from his time in Dacia: 

Diegis (mid 20s - mid 30s) - Youngest son of a local chieftain, lost his father and older brother in the same skirmish where he was captured. Husband to Zia. A fierce warrior with good leadership skills and a troublemaker if left to his own devices, which is why Titus brought him to Rome and decided to make money off his muscles and battle prowess. Possible career paths: leased to one of the ludi to become a gladiator, to one of the chariot factions as security personnel, or rented to citizens as a bodyguard (if he behaves he may be allowed to keep a portion of the earnings for himself). Could get involved with one of the gangs, too. General personality, history and fate up to you. Suggested FC: Dustin Clare

Zia - Diegis' wife. Currently a household slave. Essentially a bit of a hostage to get Diegis to behave, although they are allowed to meet occasionally.  taken by Sara!

Tarbus (mid 20s - mid 30s) - Tribesman to the other two and Zia's cousin. Suffered serious wounds to his sword arm in battle, so life as a warrior is no longer an option. Probably leased to one of the chariot factions as horse trainer, cartwright, leather worker or even charioteer wannabe. Could also get involved with one of the gangs. Personality, history and fate up to you. Suggested FC: Liam McIntyre taken by springy!


In the domus proper and in addition to Zia you may also find:

Betua (early 50s - mid 60s) - a formidable woman of even more formidable cooking skills and mistress and commander of the Sulpicii-Rufi's kitchen. Originally from Gaul, she's been a slave for many decades and has been with the family for several years, even travelling to Dacia with them. Strict and temperamental but caring, she's recently found her nemesis in the Briton below... Suggested FC: Phyllis Logan

Florus (late teens - mid 20s) - recently acquired (and renamed) for his gardening skills, courtesy of Longinus.  This young Briton is as passionate and particular about plants and shrubs as the Gaulish bard is about his music and considers himself something of a misunderstood genius in the realm of greenery. He has met his match in Betua, who often angers him by harvesting greens too soon (according to him, but not to her), and the two can't see eye to eye on how much of the hortus shall be dedicated to growing food and how much ascribed to decoration with vegetation. Is currently being romantically pursued by Tranquillus, but does he return the other slave's feelings?  taken by Ejder!

Tranquillus (early to late 40s) - Titus' body slave. Born into slavery in Hispania, he came to Rome with his previous master and found himself acquired by Titus in 69. Prim, proper and posher than any other slave in the household, he was creatively renamed after his calm demeanour. An educated and diligent Stoic who takes pride in what he does, he thought himself immune to the fickle designs of Venus until the aforementioned Florus came into the household. Struck by Cupid's arrows for the first time, Tranquillus is now reduced to a bumbling mess whenever the gardener is close by and tries to come up with increasingly more elaborate ways to win Florus' affections. To what degree this is affecting his ability to perform his duties is up to you!  taken by Chevi!

In his transaction with Longinus, Titus came to own two other Britons: a guard (m) and a kitchen helper (f). 


Other slaves from Dacia or other regions are more than welcome, whatever their skills! And, while you're reading this, why not take a look at Titus' relatives in the canon lists? Most are open and very much wanted 😄

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