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Grand opening


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He had been looking forward to this day for quite sometime. The gladiatorial games in celebration. He strode towards the Dias with his hands outstretched. He took in the roar of the crowd and waited for them to quiet while he gave thanks to Caesar, and to the rest of the Imperial family for putting these games on. Not to mention potentially gain some favour for doing so. 

The editor of the Games was pleased with the eager roar of anticipation and excitement from the crowd over the days dealings. They would be the talk of Rome until they were concluded. The Imperials and wealthy people would be inside the Imperial box.. and the other areas would be left to the lower classes. 

The animal fights had already begun, and had been concluded. The remains and wounded gladiators were in the process of being dragged from the arena. Leaving blood and entrails behind, only to be covered up by sand while the editor of the games gave his speech to the gathered Romans. Trumpets sounded! Bread was thrown! It would be a merry day! 

"Romans! Countrymen! This day, our Augustus has given us a mixed gathering! We have," He paused, discreetly looking at his notes for a quick second before he cried out, "Amazons! Deserters given a chance of redemption! Champions! Or.... future champions!" He called out. 


Now the first of the games will begin! 



Welcome AeRos! 

  • There will be main points in different areas. Post your character where they are most likely to be. 
  • Each match must only have the participants posting in it. The champion match is still open for who wins and will be posted. Feel free to post in your arena as soon as you like. 
  • People are more than welcome to have threads of their own away from the main thread. But they are all considered to be open so you may be post bombed. 😛 




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