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38 | August 7th 36 | Slave/Gladiator | Gladiator | Bisexual | Original | Brock OHurn


Personality & History

Has been a slave for far longer than he remembers being freed. His father was among those that made up the raiding party in the year 41 against the Gnaeus Alexander. Not that he remembered this. What he does remember of his parents is their laughter and the way his mother's cooking smelled. He remember sadness of his older brother dying after a harsh winter and the squabbling of his sisters. Things that lingered in his psyche long after being separated from them.

After being brought to Rome he was sold to a family as a household slave, a playmate for the children until he was old enough to take on more tasks. The family suffered much financial lost during the civil war, and one by one the household slaves were sold to market - him along with them. Back to the slave traders where he would change hands many times before landing among the gladiator ludii in the year 68.


Parents - Deceased
Brother - Deceased
Sisters - Alive, Possibly enslaved

EVENT FOR: Gladiator Events

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