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Titus Aspanius Lupus

Titus Aspanius Lupus

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Titus Aspanius Lupus.

47 | Summer 26CE | Plebian | Brothel Owner | Bisexual | Canon | Riccardo Scamarcio




Lecherous, sinister, selfish, crude, and scheming, Titus wants his name to be known at every corner of Rome. As a brothel owner, he doesn’t care about his prostitutes and personal slaves because they are just “things” to him and uses them as pawns and as a way to get what he wants. He’s not beyond abusing/hurting his prostitutes or personal slaves if they upset him. He can be controlling and will discard anyone who he no longer sees as valuable.

He’s known to obtain slaves for his own desires and personal gain. He’ll use his prostitutes and slaves as spies to get a hold of information on the upper classes or anyone of interest, only to appeal to them or to sell information to whoever might need it (and pay him handsomely for it). But when amongst the upper crusts of Roman society, he sucks up. The more “friends” in high places, the better.

He won’t show his thoughts or feelings, he’ll never be truthful (at least, not most of the time) and enjoys mind games. He’s manipulative, cunning and a liar. He has to be as a man who wants to make it in the world, especially when there’s competition. He’s a man who keeps his friends close and his enemies closer. He believes those with noble hearts to be fools in a world which is no more a war zone than the fields of battle. To those who have broken past his distrusting or cruel character, he can be capable of some kindness and warmth but it is limited. He starves himself of true companionship, not wanting to get too close to others in case they use his emotions against him.

The one thing that he cares about is himself and money. Where there is an opportunity for money or to make a name for himself, Titus can be found there. If lucky, someone might find room in his heart to be of importance but as of yet, he views everyone as an enemy or a toy until proven otherwise. An ambitious businessman, he’s hoping to work his way up to become richer and more powerful (within reason). His greatest fear is becoming nothing, someone worthless and poor. Ironically, he enjoys living lavishly and with comfort. Now that he’s had a taste of money, he wants more. As of now, he’s trying to expand his business.



Titus stands at five feet nine with an average weight, only slightly toned. He looks like your average Roman, strong chin, hard features, and skin tanned from the Mediterranean sun but vicious blue eyes that stand out as a result, appearing as if they are piercing into your soul. It can be unnerving. He has dark curls and a little bit of stubble forming on his cheeks and chin. As for attire, he tends to dress lavishly but prefers darker colours that bring out his eyes and compliments his features.



Father: Gaius Lupus (deceased)

Mother: Atia Aspa (deceased)

Siblings: Gnaeus Aspanius Lupus, younger brother (deceased), and half-sister Gaia Lupa (alive).

Spouse:  Aelia Minor (divorced)

Children: He had no children with his ex-wife and has no knowledge of any illegitimate children.

Extended family: N/A

Other: Step-mother (deceased), the prostitutes of Elysium and personal slaves



Childhood and Adolescence:

Titus’s life has been one of treachery, depravity and murder. He was born in 26CE to his parents Gaius Lupus and mother Atia Aspa. Growing up, Titus was an underdog. It was uncertain if he was even to survive birth, let alone the following year. His mother became sick shortly after his birth due to the pregnancy’s difficult nature. As he aged into a toddler, he was weak and thought to die within the next couple of years. Fate had it that he did not. His father was a struggling businessman selling items smuggled from the East and who saved money in attempts to live rich but money was an issue. Their status with money fluctuated, some years were better than others. Titus’s father was also involved with criminals and had ties to gangs in Rome.

Two years later in 28CE after Titus’ younger brother was born and his father’s attentions turned to the stronger of the boys. His mother, Atia, died in 35CE. Without a mother and woman figure in his life, Titus would grow to see women as commodities. As both boys grew, both Titus and his brother were taught how to manage the family’s business, friends of his father taught them how to write and read as Titus showed interest in better education. It was Titus, not his brother, who excelled but much of their time was spent being educated on markets. Titus wanted to learn as much as possible because the more educated he was, the more he believed he would go far in life and Titus was an ambitious and bright child. As a boy, his aims were high, dreaming of one day becoming a politician or a war strategist but life had different plans.

Despite having a father and brother, Titus never knew love as love between father and son never seemed to come into fruition. His father was strict on him but loving to his brother, perhaps because he expected a lot from Titus’ eagerness to learn, causing a lifelong hatred to brew within Titus against his brother. In 40CE, when he was fourteen years old, his father had a infant girl with a woman.

Throughout his adolescence, Titus was the subject of his brother’s cruelty. Gnaeus was disturbed. He liked to torture small animals and was a bully, behaving irrationally, foolishly, and costing the family their money with spending money and terrible marketing schemes. Titus spent most of his time working alongside his father and chasing after his brother who was making enemies with his erratic behaviour. The two brothers, though having a rivalry between them, experienced whoring, drinking and debauchery together, visiting brothels and going to parties.


By 47CE, Titus left to Judea with a Greek merchant, Aegeus, who took him on as both a protége and a business partner, impressed by the young man’s strong work ethic and initiative. He was the father Titus never had, and in Judea, Titus became a merchant, working underneath the man. The family business was back in Rome and Titus want for success now lay elsewhere. In Judea, Titus learned and absorbed more. Aegeus taught him how to be ruthless as a businessman and further educated him in handling money, reading, writing, building upon Titus’ previous skills. Titus saw the opportunity with the older man as a way to rise up, cover more ground, and get more money. For the next three or so years, Titus also got involved with the criminal world in Judea and doubled his income by working as a merchant and criminal.

In 50CE, Titus paid criminals to dispose of Aegeus in order to steal his business. Titus then took everything Aegeus owned, some of in which he sold in order to get even more money. The murder might have costed him some money but he’d gained much more in the end. With more money came power. Remaining in foreign territory, Titus’ business as a merchant began to grow, he was gaining a lot more money than his father had in years while working in Rome. Titus worked in other places within the Middle East and Northern Africa, such as Egypt, working as a merchant and engaging in any illegal work where he could to make extra coin.

In 51CE, Titus’ younger brother was found murdered while Titus was away from Rome, the killer was never found. The likeliest of perpetrators was a rival gang member or a dangerous criminal who the young man angered. But it was rumoured to have been Titus or that he had orchestrated someone to do it, simply because most knew or suspected that Titus resented his brother. Titus had nothing to do with it because he was busy overseas but didn’t care.

By 52CE, he returned to Rome as a merchant with quite a bit of money on him and gave his father some of the money to make him proud. His father wasn’t proud, he was dejected over the death of his second son. Titus learned that day that only his self-worth and happiness mattered. His younger sister was slowly leaving childhood behind and Titus began preying on her. His father died the following year in 53CE, the circumstances being that he drowned himself somewhere out of grief. Titus was left raising his younger half-sister alongside his step-mother, who he wanted out of the picture.

The following years, Titus had the money he had made as a merchant as well as the money from his father’s business. The money was more than he could have ever imagined and the control he had over his businesses made him crave more money. He married a woman, Aelia Minor, strictly for her decent dowry in 59CE, only to divorce her. There was talk amongst the slaves that he was controlling. The following year, his step-mother died of illness, leaving him to become the guardian of his sister. The dramatic yet tragic outcome of the family, only made Titus care for himself first and foremost. There was some small room reserved for his half-sister but because they were each other’s only family, he used this to manipulate her and in hopes of one day marrying her off to someone with money.  

With what money he had, he purchased the Elysium in 62CE from the previous owner, Lucius Armenius Valerius, whose social rise inspired him. He saw an opportunity for even more money. He kept the prices cheap, deeming that he could have men of all classes come to the brothel and believed it was a good move as a result. He was also open to extra money for certain services which he would arrange for the most vulgar of customers. Men of all classes came, including vile men who came in droves. While Titus was and still is a tough man when it comes to his workers, he prefers that his customers do not not harm his workers… unless they pay a considerable amount of money in compensation. At least, enough to pay for overlooking their health and a bit of pocket money for himself.

Around 69CE, the Syndicate gang broke out in a “civil war”, all attempting to become the Leader of the Syndicates. Titus watched the mayhem but didn’t want to engage unless he came out on top and instead watched carefully for who would come out on top, hoping to side with the best. He still retains his connections with the gang. Since 74CE, he has been trying to expand to the more criminal side of Rome because old habits die hard, hoping to grasp new opportunities greedily with both hands.

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