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Advertising Moderator/General Mod


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AeRo is currently looking for another Moderator to join our staff team. 



Advertising/General Moderator


AeRo is looking for a moderator who will help with Advertising/General Mod roles. 

Advertising and a General Mod.


  • Updating the Face Claims & pieces of information. (Need clarification) 
  • Preferably active in the site Discord. 
  • Answer questions put forward by the members and guests. 
  • Advertise and look for sites for AeRo to become affiliates with. 
  • The mod will be working with the staff to assist with stuff and thangs. 
  • The mod will likely be assisting in events and event planning. 


Please let me know via PM if you are interested in taking on this role for the community, what experience you have had in the past, and what you think you will bring to the table. The staff team will get back to you. 

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