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Longinus' Household!


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Lucius Cassius Longinus is a previous Legatus (three times over) of Britannia, and has been back in Rome since December 72/January 73CE. He's a worldly man that feels most at home in the army and is struggling with boredom being back in Rome. He lives with his mother and young daughter, and is a recent widower. He's been known to irritate his slaves - holding them to high standards and he has boundless energy which means he rises early and goes to bed late, often getting underfoot of his household in the process. However, his friends have often remarked it seems “like Saturnalia all year round” in his household as he cuts his slaves a fair amount of slack. He indulges in childish humour and enjoys practical jokes and sarcasm, particularly from his body slave Attis.

This list may be amended/added to as I go along, and I'll add his mother to the canons eventually as well!


His body slave Attis, and his daughters nurse, Metella, are currently in play. 


If you would like to make another slave in the household not on the list below, I'd still be super keen! Just drop me a PM or DM and we can chat!


Vitus: 33-45, open PB, bisexual - Born in Rome.

Secretary to Lucius Cassius Longinus

Consistently frustrated by his dominus, Vitus is easily irritated. He is known as a bit of a grouch - but who can blame him, when he has to try and pin down his master and encourage him to work. He loves his job, and genuinely enjoys learning, but is frustrated by his dominus' lack of patience and care for administration. Beneath his grumpy exterior, he's a kind man and a bit of a surrogate father for the younger slaves of the house. He's been known to spend a night or two with Attis (Longinus' body slave), although the two aren't frequent lovers.


Ismene: 32-50, open PB, lesbian - Born in Greece. 

Body slave to Livia Vicana

Vicious, cold and lacking all warmth, Ismene is the mirror image of all of the bad traits of her domina. She's been with Livia Vicana for over ten years and relishes being her body slave and the privileges it affords her. She master minded the sale of Longinus' slave son whilst he was away, and was thrilled when her mistress covered for her. She doesn't want to be freed and enjoys her life, but is growing concerned by her mistresses health and what that means for her if she passes away. She doesn't like, nor trust Longinus, and hates that he's now back in Rome. She has a handful of female lovers based at a domus down the street, but has thus far managed to keep these liaisons secret.


Celsus: 27-35, open PB, bisexual - Born in Dacia, taken as a spoil by Titus Sulpicius Rufus in 74CE.

New arrival into the house, sparring partner for Longinus

Given as a spoil to Titus Sulpicius Rufus, previously a legate in Dacia, Celsus was amongst spoils traded for a few Briton slaves during an afternoon of drinking between Titus and Longinus. Whilst initially reticent, Longinus has wanted to ensure he stays fit and healthy now he's no longer serving in the Legions. Step in Celsus! He's a broad, but good-natured man who has adapted well to slavery. Whilst he can sometimes be hot-headed, he enjoys his job of training and sparring with his new dominus. When he's not got a wooden gladius in his hands, he's often found doing manual labour as befits his 'friendly giant' size. 


Vita: 26 - open PB, heterosexual - Born in Dacia, taken as a spoil by Titus Sulpicius Rufus in 74CE.

Cooks assistant

A separate, and very brilliant want ad is up, posted by her played husband! You can find it here!


Longinus will also have several spoils from his time in Britannia. Many he sold, such as Cynane, but some he would have kept. Please feel free to PM or Discord (Sara#2296) me if you fancy any of the above, or any other people in his household - there's lots more out there than just those on the list! ❤️ 



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