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28 | 9th May 46 | Slave | Body Slave | Bi | Wanted | Anthony Higgins





Attis is generally a light-hearted person, who has that most valuable of traits for a slave: he knows when to keep his mouth shut. He can talk a fair amount when allowed, but he'll actually say very little. He does feel things deeply, but rarely lets on to anyone. The person he is closest to, after all, is his owner, who wouldn't appreciate his slave leaking emotions everywhere, and Attis himself just thinks emotions are messy things best left to women and poets. Part of his defence is his humour, which his master indulges (or at least, doesn't get too angry about when Attis opens his mouth without necessarily engaging his brain first). He does generally rein it in, especially when his master is obviously not in the mood to indulge him in his banter.

In his work and personal habits, he is neat and meticulous, traits which are on the face of it somewhat at odds with his overall light-hearted personality, but which traits are the result of an upbringing as a slave. He is not a shirker, although he has been found standing chatting on more than one occasion, but he does not have to be driven in order to get any work out of him.

He is observant, with the intelligence to know what is worth paying attention to, and the ability to be silent and blend in as just another slave, if doing so will be to his or his master's advantage - he is well aware of the propensity free Romans have for not paying any attention to their slaves and often not even remembering they are present unless they are required to fetch, carry or hold something or clear someone else's mess up. His quick wit and habit of observation have led to his almost being able to anticipate what his master will want before he's told, which has meant that he's been accused of mind-reading on more than one occasion (usually by far less observant slaves, or free men who wish their slaves would just pay attention).



Attis is shorter than his master, and in overall appearance, he is average in all ways: he stands an average of five feet six inches tall, has the olive skin and dark hair or the native Italian, is neither fat nor overly thin. He is slender, with a body that is muscled from work. He has a scar on his forehead from an encounter with a sword during the civil war - soldiers from one side or another came to the house after the family fled. It is his one real distinguishing feature, and he does occasionally let his hair grow out enough that his fringe hides it to some extent. Apart from that, he just has the usual collection of small scars that any boy collects during childhood.

He has a round face with dark eyes and dark hair that is too fine to really do anything with unless it is kept short. He wears the clothes he is given; generally knee-length tunics in dark colours, occasionally with braiding or trim to mark him as a higher-status slave of a high-ranking officer. When it's cold or wet (weather he has grown resigned to since his master has spent several years in Britannia, which is the back of beyond), he adds a woollen cloak over the top.

When he is not smiling or laughing (which is a fair amount of time), he has a tendency to look blank, bored or spectacularly unimpressed. He has even, on occasion, been told off for looking supremely irritated when he was doing nothing more than thinking.



Father: Arruns (deceased)

Mother: Lydia (deceased)

Siblings: Marcipor (older brother, whereabouts unknown); Merula (younger sister, whereabouts unknown)

Spouse: An on-again, off-again relationship with Metella (the nurse to the young mistress, Cassia Antonilla). Attis would like to take it further and marry her (as much as slaves can marry, anyway) except she is happy to be friends-with-benefits so he pretends he is, too. He has also been known to spend the night with Vitus (what? it was cold, the man's not bad-looking, they weren't that loud, honest!)

Children: None known, definitely none admitted to

Extended family: Lucius Cassius Longinus (Master), Livia Vicana (the master's mother), Ismene (AKA 'that bitch'; body slave to Livia Vicana)




May 46AD: Born to slaves Arruns and Lydia

56AD: Sold to the family of senator Lucius Cassius Longinus

62AD: Lucius Cassius Longinus dies, his son (of the same name) becomes paterfamilias. Attis is left behind in Italy when Livia Vicana flees to Greece during the civil war.

64AD: Lucius Cassius Longinus (the younger) returns from Britannia and is elected quaestor. This has little effect on Attis' daily life apart from the fact that there are visitors to the house every day who just make more work, cleaning up after them.

65AD: Becomes body slave to Lucius Cassius Longinus (the senator's son) 

66AD: The mistress gives birth to a daughter. The master rejoins the army, and is appointed Legate. His previous body slave is given his freedom and a small cottage somewhere on the family's country estate, and Attis is promoted into his place (much to everyone's shock.) He is taken to Britannia when Longinus returns there as Legate. Attis rapidly comes to the conclusion he does not like sea travel, and Britannia is a cold wet damp place full of nothing.

72AD: Lucius Cassius Longinus returns to Rome, bringing his body slave with him. Attis' opinion of Italy is now that it is a bright dry hot place full of yelling people who have no clue about anything other than stuffing their faces.

74AD: The mistress dies, leaving behind an eight-year-old daughter and a distraught husband



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