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Gaia Lupa

Gaia Lupa

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Gaia Lupa.

34 | 29 September 40 CE | Plebeian | Midwife and Helper at Elysium | Bisexual | Wanted-ish | Bella Dayne





When he was alive, Gaia’s father had been a crook, while her mother was a belittled sex-worker, and their first son domineering with an inferiority complex, and the second sadistic. Gaia had arrived in the family approximately eleven years as a part of her father’s second marriage, being wanted as an extra set of hands in a household that couldn’t afford its own slaves. She and her mother were a close pair but as the only daughter, she was often teased and harassed by her brothers that she would follow her mother’s footsteps, which Gaia stills carries around with her. Her brothers had bullied her over the years into keeping her head down, while her father turned a blind eye. Out of a case of ‘learned helplessness’, Gaia adjusted by being a pushover in their company, complicit to their schemes, and enduring their rough-handling or berating.

In her brother’s conniving, Gaia has often been used as an unwilling accomplice or as a pawn. Inwardly, she resents herself for being weak and afraid of her brother, even though she had braved for long as she had due to resilience. Because of Titus, she has grown to be cautious and sceptical of others but also slowly learned to ‘fight fire with fire’, as in to become dishonest with him herself, though she hates taking on his traits. Out of a sense of pride or at least to save face, she tries to portray the opposite in the public eye: that everything is well and that she is happy. Without her brother, Gaia can be just as shrewd as he is, though he likely doesn’t believe it. She also has a nurturing and nursing personality, which partly explains her gravitation towards midwifery. 

Although she is more commonly found helping him in the day-to-day domestic running of the Elysium, since becoming a mother she fell into midwifery out of happenstance. Midwifery can be ever-changing and difficult work, but Gaia finds it rewarding, mentally and emotionally. She enjoys being with other mothers and with children. She knew she wanted to be a mother very early in her life but after one difficult pregnancy and a few subsequent miscarriages, she feels the possibility of any more children is unlikely. Because of that, she is also close to her son who is the most important person in her life.



Gaia is of a medium height and olive-skinned with tight wavy brown hair and large brown doe eyes, often accentuated with makeup. She is better described as curvy and pear-shaped, typically dressed in swathing, flowing gowns of lighter colours, and often moves with a soft and mannered demeanour that contrasts with her common origins, but only because she carries herself in the way of someone who is consciously and cautiously of their impression. 



Father: Gaius Lupus, deceased.

Mother: Vesuvia Epolonia (of Pompeii), deceased.


  • Titus Aspanius Lupus, half-brother.
  • Gnaeus Aspanius Lupus, half-brother and deceased.

Spouse: N/A.

Children: Spurius Gaius Lupus, son.

Extended family:

  • Maternal relatives in Pompeii.


  • N/A.



Gaia’s father was a questionable character who smuggled to avoid import and export taxes and was often away for lengths of time throughout her childhood. Although his presence made very little difference. He had already had two sons prior to his second wife, both of which were at the cusp of adolescence when Gaia had been born, and who were permitted by their father to behave according to his belief that ‘boys will be boys’. Gaia was hardly old enough to understand it, but she had been made witness to their whoring, drinking, and whatever behaviour they might’ve brought home with them without much care for the hour of the day or for her youth. It had been made very clear that they ruled the home however they liked, while their father looked the other way, especially where his aggressive son was involved. Neither son respected Gaia’s mother who had been a free-born woman, originally from Pompeii, that had worked as a self-employed sex-worker to meet ends and continued to work as such whenever her husband was away or where money was tight. Their general disregard extended to her daughter who they treated like a servant or harassed to satiate their boredom.

When Titus had left, it had both improved and worsened at the same time. There was one less of them and the rowdiness lessened but without an older brother to stop him, Gnaeus was unrestrained from broadening his cruelty from animals to his step-mother and younger half-sister. His aggression and sadism had already been known to them previously, he had displayed several behaviours over the years that were red flags for a growing problem. As brothers who were often together, Titus had been aware and subjected to it and given mother and daughter were often disparaged, they were easy victims. In contrast, Gaia’s father brushed off the warnings, either because he was aware and unwilling to intervene or he was oblivious as his attention was selective. For roughly five years, Gaia and her mother weathered Gnaeus’s behaviour until his murder when Gaia had been aged eleven. Often together, Gaia had been aware that it had been orchestrated by her mother with a customer and lover of hers. Her brother’s death had been upsetting but not because Gaia had witnessed his death but because of how pitiful he seemed at the end of his life, given his arrogance and reign of terror.

Not long after Gnaeus’s passing, Titus returned home and it was a credit to his risk-taking business ventures that he had brought wealth into the family, changing their lives. Although it strangely did not impress their father whose character had changed after Gnaeus’s death and it took perhaps two years before he died, leaving Gaia and her mother under Titus. Quickly, there was tension and a quiet power struggle between Titus and her mother, who did sleep together at least once, perhaps more than once. Gaia’s mother was worried of becoming irrelevant, of the situation becoming like it had under Gnaeus, and of Titus being around her daughter; while Titus wanted to get rid of his step-mother who he imagined as dead-weight and who blocked him from doing everything he pleased. Around a year or so after Titus became the head of the family, Gaia became pregnant, the father having been someone outside of the home. Gaia gave birth to a son who Titus had claimed to rear. Being as young as she was, the birth had been difficult, where Gaia has since realised her difficulty or even potential impossibility of becoming pregnant again.

For a brief period, Titus married but it didn’t last which was not necessarily a surprise, given that it was Titus. Gaia had been happy when he had his wife, when there had been another woman around the home other than herself and her mother. After the divorce, it returned to the two other women until her mother died from an unknown illness, which had been present for a few months before it worsened, and it became clear that she would inevitably die. Compared to her father’s death which had felt more like a matter of fact, Gaia was upset by her mother’s death given how close they were throughout her life. It also didn’t help that she had the realisation that when her mother went, it would leave her alone with her brother, who was still her brother but he had never been pleasant company and the buffer between her and him was now gone. When he purchased the Elysium, Gaia’s relation to Titus had him assume her support, so she fulfilled the role of assisting him in all the domestic or feminine matters, but it was a love-hate endeavour. The Elysium was essentially a discount store which would attract all kinds of people, including the strangest characters. Being a plebeian in Rome, Gaia had to be thick-skinned but some of the visitors and especially her brother left her taking up more midwife work among the common women. 



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