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Wanted by Barbatius


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Marcus Barbatius - is 30 years old, unmarried with no children and so far with no plans of marriage - because he likes to stay in control of his home and prefers that no one interferes with how he is running said home. He does not care about heirs or the future of his family; he is, after all, the last one and does not regret it, because it is his own fault. He is a plebian and owns a barber shop and an insula just above it and serves both plebians and higher ranks in his barber shop. 

Companion/Partner in Crime

Marcus needs a partner in crime! Of course, this is not to be a 'good' character. Marcus is not a nice man and his companion is not either. What I am looking for is a meanie, a bad-guy, a villain, just like Marcus is. Someone crooked. Probably as insane as Marcus is. Basically, I made him with Sweeney Todd as inspiration and just like Todd has his Mrs. Lovett, who helps him... Marcus Barbatius needs a Mrs. Lovett too!

Marcus sometimes have "accidents" with people or even patrons (that he dislikes) and people sometimes die. Oops! But how do you get on with such acts? How to hide it? You have a useful companion of course - someone who can either spin tales really well and come up with good lies or someone who can dispose of bodies in a way that can't be traced back to Marcus. Maybe someone who could do both?

The character could be male or female and not a slave. They could be linked to one of the collegia or have a business of their own - maybe even a thermopolia (fast food shop)! How they met and work together we will flesh out together, but this character probably knows most of Marcus' secret and he knows theirs. They work together.

Slaves in Marcus' household

Manus, 28 years old
- Head Slave of the household
- The oldest "survivor" yet - he has been with Marcus four years
- Has several scars on his back and thighs from Marcus' punishment from the first time
- Knows when to be quiet and when to speak
- Friendly but also a bit reserved, cautious, alert
- Often helps Marcus in the barber shop
- Has once been Marcus' bed slave, but no longer

Aculia, 21 years old - (has been played before)
- Has been there two years
- Silent and 'mousy' in her behavior
- Submissive, inferior and insecure
- Marcus has taken her to his bed sometimes and isn't exactly the romantic type
- Aculia has very visible a scar on her cheek after Barbatius

Tinus, 23 years old
- Bought cheaply at the slave market
- Scarred by fire when he was bought (hence why he was cheap)
- Has been there about a year
- Attentive, alert, nervous

New Slave to be bought
- A new slave to be picked up by Marcus at the slave market
- Background is up to you
- Probably found unsuited for work by others, hence why he/she is cheap
- Could potentially end up as Marcus' next victim, if his player is interested in such a plot
- OR this new slave could be the one to eventually expose Marcus
- Could also somehow end up as the partner in crime I'm looking for

About the slaves and Marcus' treatment of them: 

Marcus' slaves are meant to be quiet, well-behaved and obedient. He also demands that they stay silent if he disposes of another slave and will threaten with killing them too, if they tell on him. If they displease him in any way (drop something, stumble, knock something over, speak when he thinks they should be silent... anything planned or not planned that he decides annoys him) Marcus will punish his slaves. He does not flog his slaves, but will instead use knives or razors to cut them in places that are not visible when you're clothed. It is sadly very easy to displease Marcus, because he does like to deal out punishment. It doesn't turn him on, or so he claims, he just enjoys it. If they displease him badly enough or have done it enough times, he does not feel bad about slitting their throats to kill them. That is why his slaves are usually very quiet and silent around Marcus. They learn quickly to try their utmost at not upsetting Marcus, because no one wants hidden scars on their bodies - and no one wants death, of course. The older slaves will often tell the newcomers about how to try and 'survive' this household.

Marcus owns three slaves currently - they are all basically regular house slaves, they are there to clean and cook and shop and help out Marcus in the barber shop. He decides who does what and when he is serving clients in the shop, there is always one helping him out (mixing oils and so on) and one stands waiting in the doorway to the back room and staircase to the insula above, if Marcus wants anything else. All the slaves sleep together in one chamber/dormitory in the insula and only leave if Marcus allows it - he's afraid they will run away, so he keeps an eye on them. They don't get to celebrate ordinary Roman festivals like Saturnalia and others - he does not trust his slaves that much.

Besides what is explained, feel free to figure out their lives before they came to Marcus. It is very likely they were all cheaply bought at the slave market. Note that all were of course replaced because someone died and no one dies of age or hard work in this household. Manus has seen quite a few fellow slaves killed by Marcus, Aculia has seen three, Tinus two and the latest slave Marcus bought and owned was Germanus, but... he kind of died, suddenly? He didn't behave or submit very well to his master. So he died... by Marcus' hand of course ;) 

Send me a DM here or on Discord to discuss the characters if you want to pick up any of these characters...

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